Florida Part 2!

Hey there everyone!

The Florida atmosphere has treated me well in the past week that I have been here! Even though the islanders are freezing with the cooler weather, it’s perfect for us Michiganders! I mean, how hard is it to beat 4 degrees and snow?? Not very. I was very excited to be able to see the new Pandora park, but I was ready for a little relaxation at the condo on Pine Island!

The drive from Orlando wasn’t too bad, except maybe a little cramped in the car with 6 people. We had breakfast in orlando & we were on our way! The ride was very pretty, lots of sunshine and blue skies (which again is better than gray skies and snow). After a few hours of driving we finally stopped for something to eat. While we were looking up restaurants on the way, we found this cute, retro burger joint, The Shake Station, just off the road! Man oh man, what a place! The burgers were big & juicy and the milkshakes were even better! I mean come on, is there anything better than a good burger and a shake for a road trip? I don’t think so! After we filled our stomachs, we were back on the road for another hour.

When we finally made it to the house on Pine Island I was amazed at how cool & colorful the whole house was! It felt like a true Florida house should feel. Bright colors on the walls, on the furniture, even in the pictures, the whole house was completely colorful. After we unloaded the car, and settled in the rest of the day was used to relax and unwind from the long journey.

Later that night we were invited to a New Years party by some friends of Nick’s family & it was exciting! Lots of good people, good conversations, and good cocktails! I think it’s safe to say we kicked off the new year right. You can also go and read about my New Years Resolutions Post that came out that day!

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The next day was cool and rainy, so once again we just stayed in and had a day of reading, playing cards and watching movies together. It was nice to have one of those days during the trip because now that school has started, it’s hard to find time just to relax & spend time with a good group of people. Needless to say, the rainy day was a nice touch to this Florida vacation.

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After our wonderful day of relaxing, we went out on the town and ran some quick errands! It was a beautiful & sunny day outside, so why not?!

Before we left, of course we had to have quick photoshoot! 

On the way back home from running errands, we stopped at a local fruit & flower market to look around and hopefully find some good items along the way!

The following day was kinda chilly & just wasn’t looking like a nice day. We had talked about catching the ferry and taking it over to Key West for the day, there were only a few problems with that. 1) It would cost us a lot of money to have all of us take the ferry and 2) It would be a 3 hour boat tour, so neither of those sounded very appealing. Luckily some friends of Nick’s family own a private plane & told us that we could use it for the day if we paid for the pilot and fuel! So of course we didn’t turn that offer down!

So we spent the day in the Keys & it was amazing! Even though the day started out a little chilly, the sun ended up coming out & warming everything up! We had a full day of shopping and enjoying the warm weather. It was the perfect day! The coolest experience of the day was flying in the cockpit on the way back! It’s definitely an experience that I won’t ever forget.

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The next few days were pretty uneventful, we stayed on the island and had more relaxing days under the sun! We made a few short trips in the local town of Matlacha for food and more shopping! We stopped in for some food at a local place, Blue Dog Bar & Grill. The seafood was fresh & tasted incredible considering we were right on the ocean! No complaints at all from this girl.

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Those last two days flew by so fast. I didn’t want to say goodbye to the sun & fun only to come back to the freezing cold that is Michigan, but sadly it was time to pack up and head back to reality. We drove back to Orlando (3 hours away) to catch our flight back to Detroit (and the freezing cold). Bye-bye Florida, I will miss your bright sunshine & relaxing atmosphere.

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As much as I will miss the sunshine, I am actually really pumped for this new semester! Lots of really great things to look forward to & I can’t wait to share all my new exciting adventures with all of you! To all you students out there, I wish you the best of luck this semester & hope you all have many great adventures along the way!

Sending Positive Vibes, 

Hannah Rose




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