My Last Year Advice & Goals for the Year

Hello beautiful people!

I’m sorry it has been a while since I have last talked to you all, I have been taking some time off blogging to spend time with friends & family before classes start. I had been desperately needing some time to decompress & refocus before this school year started, but now I am back & ready to kick this year off right! It is absolutely crazy to me that I am already in my senior year of college. It honestly doesn’t even feel real & let me tell you the time flew by so freaking fast. I have changed so much since coming into college & I am so beyond blessed to have made so many great friends, my lovely boyfriend & made memories that will last me a lifetime! I have learned so much since I first started at Grand Valley & I wanted to share some takeaways from the past few years today. So let’s get started!


Never turn down an opportunity

College is the time to try new things! Coming into everything my first year, I had no clue that there would be a club or event for literally everything under the sun. I never thought that I would be a part of a newspaper team, but the opportunity came for me to do photography for our school newspaper & I just couldn’t let that opportunity slip through my fingers. Don’t be afraid to try things that you never thought you would do & go after every opportunity!

Connect with your professors 

I didn’t learn this one until my second year of school, but connecting with your professors is the best advice I can give! Your professors are there to help you in any way they can. Becoming close with your professors can help you better enjoy the class & possibly open up new opportunities for your career field! When I first came into the advertising major, I was worried I wouldn’t connect with any professors, but once I met them & made an effort to get to know them, the easier it was for me to enjoy my class!

Don’t stretch yourself too far

You get busy & that is a part of life. I know you will want to get involved in everything & be a part of many different things in college, but this is also a time to have fun & not worry about too many things. Enjoy your free time & don’t let yourself become overly busy!

Make friends for life

I was always told that the people you meet in college would become your best friends for life & this has been 100% true. I came to college not knowing if I would connect with anyone else the way I did with my friends from high school, but I have made friendships that I know will last a lifetime!

Failure is OK

Something that was hard for me to grasp was failure. I was an all around A/B student in high school & coming into college I thought it would remain the same, but I was definitely wrong about that. After my first semester at college, I was put on academic probation which ended up kicking my butt back into high gear & got me back to where I needed to be. Failure is a part of life & it is important to learn from your mistakes and be able to move forward! So next time you fail at something, don’t let it bring you down, use that as a stepping stone to do better next time.

Be You

It is ten times more tiring being someone else so, just be Y-O-U! I promise everything will fall into place if you just be yourself. When I first started at Grand Valley, I found myself trying to be something I just wasn’t. Now I have found my own unique style & I couldn’t be happier! In anything you do just always stay true to yourself.

My past few years at Grand Valley have taught me so much (and I’m still not quite done) & I am so thankful for all the opportunity that this campus has brought to me. I cannot wait to see what this year has to hold for me. My goals this year are to savor every moment, continue to work hard & to learn as much as I can as I finish out my last year! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week & continue to spread positive vibes wherever you go. Talk soon!

Sending Positive Vibes,







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