Fresh Starts + Detoxing Your Life

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So we are officially in the midst of our 3rd week of classes & I am actually surprised at how much I actually am looking forward to this semester. Even though I am not looking forward to the amount of work for this semester, I will say it feels good to be back on a schedule & have somewhere to be at a certain time throughout the day. Now that I am in my last year of classes, it got me thinking about fresh starts & what it really means to detox your life. Lately, I have been in a little bit of a funk, creatively & mentally. I wasn’t as motivated as I wanted to be, I wasn’t exercising as much as I used to & everything just didn’t seem like it was going my way. So, I made the decision to have a fresh start & leave all of those negative emotions behind me. Now, I have been more motivated to complete goals that I have & my health and wellness are on the upward trend. So today I wanted to share some of my tips on having a fresh start & detoxing your everyday life!


Let go of what didn’t work 

Fresh starts are a time for you to re-evaluate what hasn’t been working in your life. You can’t do it all & start over focusing on things that truly make you happy is what your life should revolve around. Every few months, I try to take some time to write down some things that make it hard for me to live my best life! Be honest with yourself & don’t hold on to things for the sake of keeping them around. This can be anything from people, emotions, or past actions. At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you & let go of all the “crap” in your life!

Take a breath

Part of “detoxing” your life includes taking time away from things that may be getting in the way of your wellbeing. For me, technology plays a huge part in my life (as I’m sure it does for everyone) & sometimes it is hard to take a step back from that. I get so caught up in the business of classes, work & media that sometimes I forget to slow down. So something I am working on is taking a step away from media/tech & just enjoy spending time with the people around me!

Remain Committed 

Don’t lose track of what your end goal is! If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle then stick to those steps that will push you to your end goal. It’s hard to change your lifestyle but if you remain committed then I promise you will see the results you wanted to reach!

Positive affirmations 

Surrounding yourself with positivity is one of the more important pieces of advice I can give you. Starting fresh is a big change of pace so it is important for you to always look for the positive side of things. Every now & then I write a short list of optimistic affirmations for my life! I find that this helps me to start fresh & find new positive outlooks on my everyday life.

Celebrate the little victories 

Even the smallest step in the right direction is great progress! Next time something may not go in the way you wanted it to, just think about something good (even if it’s one good thing) that happened to you that day or that week & celebrate! You can’t win all battles, but those small victories mean that you are one step closer to living that best life.

This semester I am looking for fresh starts in all areas of my life & I am super excited to see how these changes I made will affect my life for the next few months! It’s crazy to see how far some of these steps have brought me in just a short amount of time which has me very optimistic for what is to come. If you are in a funk & are trying to figure out a way to get out of it, just take a breath & move forward!  It’s never too late to have a fresh start & right now is the time to do it. I hope some of these tips will inspire you to take a deeper look into your life & make the changes that are necessary. Have an amazing rest of your week & I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon!

Sending Positive Vibes, 









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