Stressful Weeks + Staying Positive

Hey there beautiful friends,

This last week was the most stressed out I have been in a while. We had midterms that were taking up 90% of my life & with the added drama of work & life, it was just a lot to handle. I feel like some of my better blogs come from when I am under stress or when I am going through some personal things (boy my life is fun). Last week got me thinking about a lot about stress & how I can learn to cope with it in the best way possible. It can be hard to be positive when everything else around you seems to be crumbling. But, I have been learning that I cannot allow the stress of the week to bring down my energy or positivity! So I thought I would share some of my tricks on how to keep the positivity even during hard weeks.


Take care of your basic needs

Trying to find time to take care of yourself & your basic needs can be hard, especially when you are stressed. Remembering to eat well, exercise in some way & making sure you get enough sleep can make managing your stress a WHOLE lot easier! Even meeting other needs like self-care can be important to take care of. Put on a face mask, light your favorite candle or turn on your favorite Netflix show, do whatever makes you happy & takes some weight off your shoulders.

Be grateful for the good things around you

Expressing gratitude towards the things in your life that make you happy can be a subtle & great way for you to focus on something other than stress. You could keep a small journal to write down any things that you are grateful for & the next time you are feeling stressed take a look at everything so you can block out any bad energy.

Repeat positive affirmations 

Having small positive affirmations around your room or home is one of the best ways to feel positive during a hard or stressful week. I love it when my roomie or boyfriend leave me small notes telling me to have a good day or reminders to stay positive, because it just puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day! Surrounding yourself with little positive affirmations or reminders is a perfect reminder to not let stress invade your energy. There is power in positivity & if you repeat them enough times then you will eventually believe it!

Don’t worry about the small things

Spending your time worrying about all the small problems going on in your life will make it very easy for you to lose perspective. One small inconvenience may feel like the end of the world during a stress filled week. When this happens you have to remember to take a step away from everything & think about if this will actually matter in the future? I can promise most of the time your answer will be “no.” So remember to not sweat the small inconveniences because they aren’t worth your time!

Spread positivity to others 

I am a BIG believer in if you will receive what you give. If you are positive towards someone or something then you will get that same positivity back! Encouraging your friends during a big project or being nice to someone random are perfect examples of promoting positive energy. Encouraging others will make it so much easier for you to encourage yourself during hard weeks.

I hope you take some of these tips & work them into your own life because I believe that keeping a positive attitude even during the hardest of times is the best way to handle it all! If you have any other tips to share with me, feel free to share them in the comments. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week & have a killer weekend! I will talk to you all again soon.

Sending Positive Vibes, 






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