10 Self-Love Affirmations + New Projects

Hello there lovely people!

Wow, this week has been difficult to find any motivation because of spring break last week. I have never felt more exhausted and less motivated to get any school work done, however this morning, I have a new burst of energy and I am ready to hopefully keep that momentum for the rest of the week! So lately I have been thinking a lot about self-care and body positivity. Self-love has always been a very important aspect that I have added into my life and that I hope others will adapt in their own. A way that I have kept the positivity in my life has been through affirmations. In my opinion, affirmations are totally underrated. I have found that by repeating a set few affirmations to myself has benefited me so incredibly much! When you are saying an affirmation out loud, you are basically sending a message to your mind & the universe. You are trying to focus your attention to something that you want to have in your life and if you say it enough times then both your unconscious mind & the universe will bring you towards what you are asking for. In this case, I want to share some affirmations to promote more self-love in your everyday life.


  1. I love my body and all it does for me

  2. I will let go of all negative self-talk

  3. I am always doing the best I can

  4. I let go of anyone who may not have my best interest in mind

  5. I am growing and learning every day

  6. I send love to my fears and feel confident in my ability

  7. I will stay balanced even when others unbalance me

  8. I appreciate my life

  9. I love the woman that I am

  10. My relationship with my body is one of perfect harmony


There are so many affirmations that I could share to bring you peace with yourself but these are just a few of my personal favorites that I hope you all work to adapt to your everyday life! I do have some exciting new projects that I have been working on lately and I am very excited to share one of them today. A good friend of mine Alyssa has decided to expand her website and have a bunch of different strong empowering women writing for her site! We are going to be known as the Pretty Young Motivated Girls (PYM Girls). The new site launches in April and I will be sure to keep you all updated for new posts that are being created and I will be sharing a link in the future. Have a wonderful day all you lovelies & we shall talk soon!

Sending Positive Vibes, 





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