Loving Yourself Takes Time + My Advice

Hello lovely people! 

I hope you all have been up to so many amazing things lately. I have been keeping pretty busy lately which has been a blessing and a curse. I love to keep busy and have my mind occupied, but sometimes I run into the problem of not focusing on myself. I have always preached self-love and being able to focus on yourself, but I realized that I haven’t been completely honest about my personal journey with learning to love myself fully. So today, I want to be fully one hundred percent honest about my life and how far I have come on my journey to loving myself! 


I have never been someone who has been fully comfortable with the way I am. I was always looking for something to pick on about myself and I always compared (sometimes still do) myself to others. It truly messed with my confidence and self-worth. I dated guys who didn’t seem to give a damn about me and always found a way to tear me down piece by piece. After years of just pushing my own feelings aside, I became fed up and started to take care of my own wellbeing for a change. Part of this change came from my current love, Nick, who has really become a strong positive force for my confidence. Now, ladies, I’m not saying that finding a guy is the only solution for finding true self-happiness, it has taken me years (and is still currently happening) to really work on finding inner peace with who I am and Nick just happened to be a part of that journey for me. Everyone’s journey is different and nothing happens overnight. I want to share some pieces of advice that I try to stick by on the daily. 

Look honestly at your weaknesses 

Most of us don’t like to look at our weaknesses because we want to believe that nothing needs to be fixed (guilty). I have always struggled to look deep into my insecurities and work to release my hostility towards them. Take it from me, release them. Finding those insecurities and letting them go can be so freeing. I still struggle with my insecurities every day but once you learn how to handle them, then you can move forward with your self-love journey!

Deal with your old wounds 

Our past wounds have a way of sneaking in and controlling our current life. Hurt from family, relationships, friends can have a hold on us and can deter us from meeting our true happiness for ourselves.

Start your day with affirmations (not technology) 

This is so important. Technology has become both a positive and negative in our lives. I use my phone almost all the time and sometimes it does more harm than good. My biggest fault was always comparing myself to others and when you do this habit as soon as you wake up, you are already setting the mood for the rest of the day. Starting your day with positive affirmations about yourself automatically puts yourself in a better mindset to continue through the rest of your day!

Focus on the parts of your life that make you truly happy 

When I took the time to really focus on myself and focus on the areas of my life that make me happiest, I found my mood towards myself lift so much. When I started writing, it truly gave me more confidence in myself and I such a change in my attitude towards myself and towards others. The same thing happened when I began working out for no one else but myself. When you focus on the parts of your life that bring you joy, you will see a drastic change in how you view yourself! 

Accept the things you cannot change & learn to appreciate them 

We all have areas in our lives that we would like to be able to change, but when you learn to accept the parts of your life that you may not be able to change, then you can learn to appreciate those small things and move forward with your life. I have lots of little things about myself that  I would love to be able to change and even though I am still a work in progress, I am learning to appreciate little things about myself everyday which has made for a happier Hannah!

We are all still works in progress and finding a real love for who you are takes a lot of time (I’m still working through it). But once you look deep into your past and focus on changing your present mindset, then you will learn to find that confidence and love you have been searching for. I know this post may sound overly cheesy, but I believe that all of you are amazing and are capable of finding your true happiness. Enjoy the journey and I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon!

Sending Positive Vibes, 






FabFitFun Summer Unboxing + Review

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you all have been having a fabulous week so far. I have been keeping busy between settling at home and working at Leo Burnett. I have been trying to get into a better routine for the summer, which has been coming along however with all my schedule changes it has been taking a little longer than normal. One thing that has brought up my mood dramatically has been receiving my latest FabFitFun box for this summer! I have been doing these boxes for a little over a year now and every single time I receive one, I am always happy with everything inside. If you have been following my blog since the beginning of my journey then you have probably heard the basic information regarding these boxes, but for those of you who are new, I will give you a little bit of information!

  • You start by taking a style and personality quiz to help the creators curate a box especially for you!
  • The box is $49.99 paid quarterly (or annually) & you can skip the box any time you would like.
  • Items in your box are full-sized & the value of the box totals between $200-$300 (this summer box was over $400 worth of product)


Sutra Professional Mini Travel Blow Dryer 

I absolutely love to travel and I was always so tired of trying to fit my giant blow dryer in my bag and lug it around everywhere. This hair dryer is absolutely perfect! It was one of my add-ons for the box and I am so excited to bring this on all my travels this upcoming summer! It works really well and gives the right amount of heat as well as speed for how fast it dries your hair. It also came with two attachments for any type of styling you prefer. I truly love this product and its size is perfect for any upcoming travels I may have!


111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask 

I am a sucker for a good face mask because it is my way of self-care (along with some wine and a classic movie). This product truly is amazing and I would 100% use it again. The purpose of the mask is to brighten your skin & who doesn’t love that?!


Burn 60 Resistance Bands 

Ever since I started my workout routine, I have been looking for new ways to push myself harder than I have before and these resistance bands help a lot! They come in light, medium and hard which all work for stretching and creating strong resistance in my different workouts.


Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Style Cream 

Having thicker hair can be SO difficult to tame in the summertime heat and humidity, so this styling cream for my hair is going to be utilized well this summer. I love the brand Living Proof because all of their products work wonders on my hair. If you have thick hair like me and struggle to keep it together, check out Living Proof!


COOLA Organic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray

I have never owned a real setting spray before, so needless to say I was super pumped to try out this product after doing my makeup. During the summer, I don’t typically wear makeup and go natural, however, when I do wear makeup, I struggle with getting sunburns from not having any sunscreen and this works so well as a solution! It is a light mist you apply to your face after applying makeup and it helps protect your skin from harmful UV rays. I will say, I was not super fond of the smell, but it’s a small detail that doesn’t really detract from the product. Good job COOLA!


Ivisibobble Original Duo Pack 

I absolutely love these translucent hair ties and I will forever use them as a replacement to my regular ponytail!


Hydration Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Clay Mask

So I have never used a real clay mask before so this was my first go at it. Besides the product being my favorite color, the way it worked on my skin was unreal! You apply an even layer to your dry skin, let it dry, leave on for 10 minutes and remove to show brightened and tight skin. After rinsing the product off my skin, I wasn’t sure if it had worked or not, but after looking closer at my skin, I found that my skin felt softer and stayed bright throughout the day which was so cool! I am always so worried about skin irritation or stinging when I use new face products but this product was so gentle on my skin and provided AMAZING results!


Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask 

I can’t lie, I have been using this product since I opened the box. My feet have never felt more smooth or hydrated and I am loving every minute of it. The smell is really nice and relaxing so it has been the perfect item to add to my night time routine. You leave the mask on for 8-12 hours and wash it off in the morning. Absolutely love this product and I can’t wait to use it tonight!


Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray 

I love any products that smell like rose water, so of course, this product was going to be the perfect addition to my box! This spray is a simple hydrating spray that I have loved using in the morning after my shower and before I start my makeup routine. I adore the scent as well as the refreshing feeling which is the perfect wake-up product!

xo, Sienna Black Felt Letter Board

I have always wanted to own my own felt board and now I have one that I can write funny and confident sayings to help motivate me at the office! What are some quotes you think I should put on my board?


I always adore everything I receive in these boxes and I am so lucky to be a FabFitFun Partner and share my experiences with all of you! If you would like to check out the website for yourself I will post a link below for you to have $10 off your first box (which is a total steal)! If you have any questions about FabFitFun, I would be so happy to answer any and all questions you have. This week is going to be so crazy between going to Grand Rapids this weekend to visit my boyfriend, hosting the PYM event (admission is free) & working at my internship! I am feeling so lucky to be in the position I am currently and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Have a fabulous rest of your week and I hope you all have an even better weekend!


Sending Positive Vibes,







Latest Obsessions + June Goals

Hello beautiful friends!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, things have been crazy in my life between packing and moving back to Detroit and starting my internship at Leo Burnett! Though things have been crazy, I could not be feeling more blessed in my life. I have been surrounded by so much love from my family and this internship has me feeling very hopeful for my future in advertising. We have finally started having some summer weather happening in Michigan which has me in the best mood. I thought the perfect way to kick off this warm summer season and my return to back to my blogging schedule would be to post my latest obsessions and goals for this month!


Riverdale Season 3 

I know I am a little late to this party but, holy cow I just started this new season and I am already obsessed! I have been binging the 3rd season and boy is it creepy and addicting. I absolutely love mystery shows and Riverdale has got my full attention this season! 10/10 would totally recommend.

Dr. Brandt Eye Brightening Cream 

I suffer from terrible puffy and dark eyes in the morning and this cream has worked WONDERS! I use it every morning before I leave for work and could not imagine using anything else in my morning routine. The orange hue to the cream helps cover any darkness and the cooling feeling brings down any puffiness in your eye. If you have not tried it yet, I totally recommend you start!

Platform Sandals 

I have been obsessed with platform sandals for a long time now and they have become my favorite trend since last summer. I think they ae so comfortable and the perfect statement piece for any outfit!

The Monarch Club 

This super high-end rooftop bar in Detroit that is so unbelievably amazing in every way! It overlooks almost the whole city and serves amazing drinks and small plates to share with friends. It also provides an amazing backdrop for all of your photo needs. If you are looking for a new spot to hang out with your friends, drink a few cocktails and share some fabulous food, then go check out The Monarch Club downtown!

My Leo Burnett Internship

I recently started my summer internship with Leo Burnett in Detroit working on their project management team for Buick and GMC! Even though I am only a few days in, I could not feel more excited and hopefully for my future in Advertising as well as a potential future with Leo Burnett. I am so obsessed with my peers in the office and my role as an intern. I am feeling so unbelievably blessed and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Now time for some goals!

  • Bring back a schedule for my blog and social media
  • Buy a vlogging camera
  • Take an exciting trip with Nick
  • Explore some new hotspots in Detroit
  • Finish unpacking and settling back home
  • Start kickboxing classes

I hope my latest obsessions and goals for this month inspire all of you to dive into some of your own aspirations for this month! I have truly been feeling healthier and happier this month, which is a great change of pace in comparison to the past few months. I am so happy to be spending the summer in Detroit & if you live in the area, feel free to reach out and we can grab a coffee! Have an amazing rest of your week and I will talk to you all again soon.

Sending Positive Vibes,