Latest Obsessions + September Goals

Hello Beautiful People!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote to you all, but things were crazy busy between traveling, packing and unloading for our move to the East coast. Let me catch you up on what we have been up to since our move! We have both visited New York a few times since we arrived. It is such a beautiful city and we can’t wait o finally have our own place together closer to the area. We have both been spending a lot of quality time with family going to softball games for my cousin as well as just exploring together. We have also been crazy busy (and a little stressed) job hunting and interviewing so, fingers crossed something perfect will come along for both of us to start working! Overall, we have been keeping pretty busy, which is the main reason I haven’t been able to sit down and write to you all in a hot minute. With all that being said, I am so excited to share my latest obsessions/ goals for the month with you and I promise I will have some new content coming your way super soon!


Go-To Face Hero Oil 

This face product has been so amazing to my skin the past few weeks I have been using it. The oil is a lightweight oil (which I love) that works for all skin types to deeply hydrate, revitalize and protect your skin. It’s perfect for fine lines, dullness and uneven skin tone, which I sometimes struggle with on a daily basis. I love the smell of the product as well as the lightweight feel and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone for their morning and night routine!

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew 

This is EVERYTHING! I can’t lie, I am a sucker for a good Starbucks PSL and now they have a cold brew version, so I’m sold. The cold brew tastes so smooth and strong and the pumpkin cream brings a soothing sweet taste at the end. Overall, so delicious and I can’t wait to order myself another one soon!

YOU are a BADASS by Jen Sincero 

Probably one of the most influential book I have read in a long time! This is basically a self-help book on how to stop doubting the greatness you have and how to begin living a life that is awesome. The book gives some of the best as well as the most realistic advice I have ever read and I can’t wait to start applying Jen’s advice to my everyday life!

New York City 

I have always had a slight obsession with NYC and it honestly feels so surreal that within a little bit of time, I could be working and living in the city. I love the busyness and uniqueness of New York and I can’t wait to keep exploring the city that never sleeps!

Now time for some goals: 

  • Find a position in the city
  • Perfect an early morning routine
  • Take a road trip through the East coast with Nick
  • Start a new recipe every week

I hope you enjoyed reading this post & I am working hard on some new content coming your way! I recently received my FabFitFun fall box, so expect a post coming to you soon. I will keep you all updated with new photos about how our New York adventure is going & I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon. Have a great rest of your week & enjoy life!

Sending Positive Vibes, 





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