Overcoming Your Expectations + Positive Steps to Move Forward

Hello beautiful friends!

I hope you all have been having a great kick-off to your week so far. Things here on the east coast have been looking up a little bit and I am hoping that soon light will shine on Nick and I and we will be where we want to be in life! This weekend brought forth a lot of positivity because my family came to visit, which was SO GREAT since I haven’t seen anyone since the end of August. We spent some great quality time together and it truly pushed my energy in a positive direction. After reflecting on some moments happening in my life, I decided to make a change and stop caring. That’s right, I’m working on not caring about expectations and just let myself take it day by day!



Change up your routine 

In any aspect of our lives sometimes we tend to throw everything we have into one basket and then become disappointed when it doesn’t work out. I have been a little guilty of this lately. Ever since before moving here, I had set this expectation in my mind that I would move to this new state and have a position landed in a month, which to be fair was probably not the most realistic expectation, but hey we’re learning. For me, learning to diversify my life has been key in bringing a little more positivity to my everyday routine. Having a variety of activities or hobbies can help you focus your energy in a healthy way, instead of dwelling on a negative aspect. Maybe next time something doesn’t go your way, focus that energy into growing a business you’ve been working on or work it off in the gym. Whatever you need to do to bring yourself back to a positive headspace, will overall help you stop focusing so hard on the expectations you placed for yourself!

Stop Complaining 

We all are creatures of complaining when something doesn’t go our way. Trust me, I’ve been guilty of this lately too. MAKE A MOVE! It’s time that we all stop feeling sorry for ourselves and start focusing on making something else happen. Lately with the job hunting, I have been guilty of sitting and complaining when I didn’t get a position or a job gets put on hold, which was doing nothing for me at the end of the day. If you don’t like the way something is going in your life, then it’s up to you to change it. You can ABSOLUTELY be content with where your life is currently, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to make changes to get your life to where you’d like it to be!

Take Responsibility

Other people should not be able to dictate how you feel or look at life. Lately, I have been finding it so easy to push the blame onto another circumstance or person whenever something goes array. I’ve been learning to stop this habit because honestly, it’s no one else’s problem but my own. Accept responsibility for your actions and be willing to move forward in a healthy direction!

Don’t waste time on negativity 

I found that when I surround myself with negative people, it only makes me have this negative outlook on everything around me. Life’s too short to surround yourself with people who only suck the life out of you instead of working to build you up! This past year I made a promise to not waste my time on people who really don’t put in the same amount of energy into me, and you know what? It’s felt amazing! I think we all have this expectation that we need to surround ourselves with a wide circle of people in order to feel complete with our lives and honestly, it’s more lonely and exhausting that way. Learning to drop any negativity surrounding your life can be so refreshing and lift up your life instead of tearing it down!

Be happy where you are at this moment

It can become SO easy for us to get wrapped up in the future and having everything mapped out for the next 5 years. We have been told for years to have a plan and that can be a hard habit to break. Don’t get me wrong I am a planner and it has been really hard to just go with the flow and enjoy life at this moment. I’ll say it again, life’s too short to dwell on the fact that life may not be perfect at this moment. You may not be where you’d like to be, but you are where you are meant to be at this moment so, enjoy it!

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week. With all my free time these next few days, I have been working on some new content to share for the rest of this year! I also have some new collaborations in the works and I am so pumped to share some of those new projects. As always, I will be keeping you updated on any life updates for Nick and myself, so be sure to stay tuned!


Hannah Rose 


Reenergizing Your Motivation + Meeting Your Goals

Hello Beautiful Babes!

I can’t even believe we are almost through October like I can’t even believe it. The time has been a mix between flying by and going super duper slow. For those of you wondering, no I have not landed a position anywhere in NYC yet and it’s been a little rough in the mental health game lately. I have definitely been going through a funk the past few weeks and this week I decided to turn over a new leaf and stop feeling sorry for myself about how life may not be going my way. This post is about reenergizing your motivation and the tips are some things that I am currently trying to implement into my life to make things easier on myself mentally moving forward to the future!


Wake up early 

I know that everyone hates waking up early and believe me I do too most times, but honestly, I feel like I have way more time throughout my day to work through everything I want to get done for the day! I’m not a person who wakes up at 5 am every day. Most of the time I try to be up around 7:30 am or 8:30 am on weekends. I have to say waking up at 7:30 feels pretty good. I wake up, throw on an oversized sweatshirt, grab my coffee and work on making my list of to-dos for the day. If you are having trouble finding motivation throughout the day, waking up early helps to kick your butt into high gear for the rest of your day!

Write down your daily list 

So lately I have been spending a lot of time either at work or at home. Even though I know I know I could be doing different projects at home, it’s hard to find the motivation to pull yourself off the couch and get sh*t done. Something that I have been trying to adapt to my life moving forward is to write down a list of everything I do in a day. It could include, going to the gym, sitting and watching Masterchef, doing some job searching or even cleaning your room. Writing down a list of everything you did the previous day helps you cut the areas where maybe you don’t need to be spending time during the day. Maybe today I cut out watching Masterchef because I don’t need to watch 3 hours of TV when I could be working on something more important. My point is to just cut the areas where you feel like you could be using that time in a better way!

Get out and moving

I have found lately that sitting on my butt not doing what I set out to accomplish is not going to accomplish anything. I have been out of a gym routine for way too long and I am starting to get back into that routine. When I was working out, I felt more mentally strong and more confident in myself. Any form of exercise or movement you can do during the day can help you feel like you can tackle anything throughout your day or week!

Set a To-do list for your dream 

Obviously setting a to-do list for the day is important to reach your goals for that day, but what about a to-do list for your dream goal? Say your dream is to work for a high-end fashion magazine as a writer. Okay, well what are the steps in your “to-do list” to reach that end goal? I feel like sometimes I only focus on what needs to be done at that moment that I don’t focus on my dream for the future. This is something that I am trying to work on every day and I believe this dream to-do list can help you accomplish the dream you have set out for yourself!

Stop using distractions as an excuse 

We all have things in life that stop us from feeling motivated. Believe me, I do the same thing at least once a day. I am trying to be better at not allowing things like being tired, or saying that it’s ‘too hard,’ stop me from reaching my goals for the day or in life. If you want to accomplish something and find the motivation to do so, then nothing should stand in your way from accomplishing what you want!

Think of everything you are grateful for

In a time when you find it hard to be motivated or are in a downward spiral, stop and think of everything you are grateful for. At the moment you may not see a lot that you are grateful for, but I promise once you start that list, you won’t be able to stop thinking of things. This could include everything from your family to just simply waking up this morning. Listing the positives in your life will help take away any negative thoughts that could be stopping you from finding the motivation to tackle your day!

If you made it to the end of this post you are truly amazing and I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and share it with people you love. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and if you are struggling to find the motivation to achieve your goals, then I hope this post helps you turn over that leaf and start fresh. I can’t wait to talk to you all again next week!


Hannah Rose 



Latest Obsessions + October Goals

Hello Beautiful Babes!

I am so happy to be back and writing. The past few weeks I have been kind of unmotivated to really do anything and I know my blog has been suffering in the process. Starting this week, I want to throw out any unmotivated negative vibes and focus on the areas in my life that truly make me happy. Now that we have made it to October and the weather has dropped to sweater weather here on the east coast, I thought it would be a great time to share my latest obsessions + goals for this month! I have all my sweaters lined up and ready to go for this cool weather and I am so excited for all the local fall activities.


Lotta From Stockholm Clogs 

By far these are some of my absolute favorite shoes on this planet! I was unsure about how I felt about the clog trend happening this fall, but after purchasing a pair of my own, I am absolutely hooked. Lotta makes the most comfortable and most stylish pair of clogs I have ever worn and I can’t wait to pair them with all my fall looks this year! I purchased the Cappuccino Highwood Clogs and they basically go with everything. I was afraid that the Highwood clogs would be too high or that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them casually, and all those worries went away after I put them on. They are absolutely adorable, quite the statement piece and so comfortable. 11/10 would absolutely recommend these shoes!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

I just started this book and I am already hooked. This book keeps life 100% real with you about life and how it is not always fair to everyone. I am ALL about self-help books and even though this is the exact opposite of every other book, it is still so helpful! I absolutely love this book and even though I just started it, I recommend it to anyone looking for a new self-help book to read.

Fall on The East Coast 

As you probably have noticed so far, I absolutely love fall. Everything from pumpkin spice to changing leaves to apple picking! The leaves just started changing over on the East coast and so far they are looking absolutely beautiful. I am so obsessed with everything fall this month & I never want it to end!

Bodega Taco Bar

I am a taco, salsa, guac, and margarita fan 100%, and this restaurant has all of my favorites in spades! Bodega is this amazing taco bar in Fairfield, Connecticut and it has recently become one of my new obsessions for a fun night out. If you are ever in the area, I totally recommend this place to anyone who loves tacos and margs as much as I do!

My Plant Babies

If you haven’t heard yet, I’M A RECENT PLANT MOM! Yes, I have adopted some new plants and I could not be happier. I only have an aloe plant and some cute succulents in a pot, but hey you have to start somewhere right? I plan on growing my collection soon adding some variety, so stay tuned!

Now time for some goals:

  • Save up $1,000 for our apartment in NYC
  • Land a position in the city
  • Attend a blogger event
  • Make it to 1,000 followers on Instagram
  • Purchase another plant baby
  • Try a new adventure with Nick

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and I promise I have some new and different content coming your way soon. Stay tuned for all my life updates on my social media and here on this blog. I also have a quick announcement for you all too… THE PYM GIRLS ARE HOSTING ANOTHER EVENT! Yes, you heard it here, we are hosting our Pretty, Young & Educated event on November 10th in the Cityflats Hotel in Grand Rapids. I will share a few pictures of what’s to come and I hope you can all make it out. Check out the link here and I hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week!





Life Didn’t Go Your Way + Making the Best of Any Situation

Hello Beautiful People!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. The past few weeks have been a lot to handle emotionally lately with adjustments after the move and currently being unemployed, the stress has just been a lot to handle. But nonetheless, I have been persevering and remaining hopeful in the midst of everything! I have trying out some new tips that may be helpful in the face of a difficult situation at the moment and they have actually been helping quite a lot. A lot of life changes were just made and I needed to get out of my life funk, so I came up with some quick tips to help pull you out of any funk or situation you may be going through!


Accept Your Lemons

You know the saying “when life gives you lemons?” Well, that’s basically what I’m saying. Life gives you lemons throughout your time whether they be good or bad and sometimes you just need to accept the lemons you have been given. Let me know if I sound crazy or not. You can’t go back and change anything you have been dealt, you just have to take whatever positive energy you have to push forward towards the future. I mean something good has to be on the horizon from those lemons right?

Learn from failing

Failure is inevitable in life. No matter how hard you may try to avoid failure, you always will fail at something and that is totally OKAY! I remember being so afraid to fail in basically anything I did and it would hold me back from reaching anything great. Especially in today’s day and age, it’s hard to see anyone fail because now everyone posts about their lives being so great on their social platforms (guilty). Everyone, even those perfect influencers who seem to have everything in life together, have failures. It’s how you use those past mistakes to learn so maybe the next time you won’t fail!

Trust your process

Now this is something I have constantly had to keep telling myself, and sometimes it may sound like a broken record, but you have to trust the process. Everyone’s process in life is different. Most of my friends now have jobs at good companies and I just started working at a local boutique to make minimum wage. A lot of people I know are getting engaged or married, and I’m living with my boyfriend happily, but I’m not in any rush to get married. My point is, everyone’s life path is different and even if you are not where you would like to be, it’s where you are supposed to be at that moment! Just try your best to enjoy the journey and accept the path you are on.

You will become a stronger person overall

When things don’t go as planned, you learn to become a stronger person, mentally and emotionally! You learn to try and not allow these minor inconveniences to bother you as much anymore. The biggest takeaway is you may learn that you can’t be perfect, which again is okay! Everyone’s life goes in so many different directions, so you have to be able to adapt and change as you see fit.

No such thing as missing your boat

I read this quote and I felt it was necessary to put it into this post. There is no such thing as missing your boat. You may miss the boat everyone else is on, but you can never miss your own. Like I have been saying through this whole post, life can be funky and go in multiple different directions. Everyone has a different boat they are on and just because you miss theirs, doesn’t mean you missed the boat you are meant to be on! Wait on it and remain hopeful that your boat is coming soon.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and if you are going through a funk, like myself, feel free to share some of your tips for beating this life funk! For those of you looking for a life update, things have been a little off here for myself and Nick, but we are remaining positive that the right opportunity for work in the city is out there for us, it’s just a matter of time until we get good news! I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon.


Hannah Rose