Maintaining Balance Between Work + Life

Hello beautiful babes!

I hope you all had a great kick off to your week and are just about as ready as I am for Christmas break. Sorry for not posting yesterday, Monday I had to work late and by the time I go home I was ready for a glass of wine and to curl up in my bed, so I didn’t have the brain power to finish writing this post for you. I feel like lately I have been behind with all my postings on this blog and my socials which has been tearing me up because I honestly love writing and talking with you all, so I am making it a point to be better at keeping you all updated with how things are going in my life! Since starting my new job I have been trying to fgure out the proper balance between working 9-5, commuting an hour and a half between CT and NYC, and being awake enough to want to workout or spend time with the people I love. I think this post is so important to read for those of you struggling to find balance between working your 9-5 job and still maintaining your personal life.


Time management

Obviously this is the most important aspect. Your week is going to full of craziness, but the biggest way to balance both work and play is learning to manage your time well. Yes most of my time is spent at work from 9-5 but when I’m home, I’m trying to be better at not wasting time when I’m home. Now, there are some nights when I want to just sit and do nothing for the rest of the night and that’s totally cool! But if you know that you should go to the gym or wash that pile of laundry sitting upstairs or prepping dinner for the next day then make the time to do that before settling in for the night. At the beginning of every day I make my to-do list which helps me better determine how to manage my time for the week. I can better plan the days where I may have more free time to do the tasks that are waiting to be done for work and for my home!

Prioitize your energy

This can kind of go hand in hand with what I shared for time management. Prioritizing things can be difficult when you are first starting off in your job. Lately I have been feeling like I have to dedicate all of my energy to my job (which is fine) but I am trying to be better at not just prioritizing time but also energy. In marketing it can be hard to turn off the work because it is a constant ‘must be available’ attitude. I am trying to be available but also take time off where I need time off and unplug from everything when I need to unplug. I am someone who experiences extreme burnout so I try to make a concious effort to prioritize my energy in healthy ways. So the next time you feel like you are always on the go, check in with yourself and take break when you need it!

Create healthy habits

Something I have noticed since starting my busy schedule is figuring out how to keep my healthy habits in check. I actually like being active and when I started my new job that became a little more difficult. In order for me to stay mentally on top of my game is to workout and maintain a healthy meal plan. Don’t get me wrong I love my burgers and candy, but I am trying to be better at mainatining balance between working and keeping myself healthy!

Take time for yourself

Now understandably, during the week it can be hard to take a lot of time to yourself. But I try to take a night or two during the week to really focus on my wellbeing and detox mentally so I am all clear for the rest of the week! As I love to say in all my blogs, self care is so important so make sure to leave time at night to destress.

These are just a few tips I have that I am starting to incorporate into my weekly routine and I hope that these tips can help if you are going through the same work life balancing struggle I have been going through. Again, I’m so sorry for not posting yesterday due to crazy schedules and I promise I am working on being better at posting more regularly for you to enjoy. Have a great rest of your week you guys and I can’t wait to talk to you all again real soon!


Hannah Rose





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