Am I Good Enough + Steps to Remember

Hi beautiful babes!

I am so sorry for being MIA basically all of January. This month has been so crazy between packing to move and just crazy booked with work, that I have just been so mentally drained. But I am back and ready to write for all of you to read!

Today I kind of wanted to take a detour from the content that I am typically used to writing for you and step outside of my comfort zone. For some reason the past few weeks, the phrase ‘am I good enough,’ has been circling around my brain. I feel like since moving there have been a lot of exciting things that have happened and I have shared with you, but something that I am not used to sharing is my super vulnerable side, which I want to change starting this year. Now don’t worry I won’t lose that fun side of me, but I just want to be more open with you all about what I am going through and hopefully help anyone else who could be going through the same thing. Since moving and spending most of my time in New York, I have felt this need to step up what I am doing in my life, which has created this immense pressure to be perfect. I feel like especially in today’s day and age, there is this overwhelming pressure to share the perfect photo or be a perfect role model for others and it can just weigh you down constantly. This new year, something that I have been really working hard to change, is how I see myself compared to someone else. Whether it’s at work or in your personal hobbies, we all tend to compare ourselves and wonder are we good enough. I have been trying to adapt a few ways to help overcome this thought and really move forward in giving myself the confidence to be the best version of me I can be!


Your mind can be a convincing liar

This is something that I feel happens to a lot of people. We struggle with fighting negative thoughts that we may hold onto about ourselves and that can be a hard habit to quit. Whenever I feel like I have a rough day, especially with work, I have so many thoughts going through my head like, “Am I good enough to handle this?” or “Why did I think I could do this project?” Those thoughts can really deplete your confidence as a person! The one-piece of advice that I have been trying to implement more in my life is learning to talk to myself using positive affirmations whenever negative thoughts seem to be bringing me down. I definitely think it takes time and one positive affirmation may not make it all be better, but it can help after a few tries to get you back into a positive mindset!

Focus on progress over perfection 

I know myself and I know I can be very hard on myself when I don’t feel perfect in a situation. No matter how many times I tell myself that perfection is overrated or that I don’t have to be perfect, somehow I just can’t seem to shake the constant need to be this perfect human. I know I am the farthest thing from being perfect, which is why I am trying to focus more on my progress in life. We are all working on ourselves and no one is a perfect finished product, nor will they ever be! Just try to focus on your own growth as a human instead of worrying about being the perfect person all the time.

Other people are comparing themselves too 

Have you ever looked at someone and started comparing yourself to how they look or act? C’mon, I know you have because we all have done it at one point or another, even if you don’t realize you are doing it. Comparing ourselves to others is the single most destructive thing to do to your confidence. The thing that we don’t get to see, is that the person we are comparing ourselves to is probably comparing themselves to you or someone else. Did that make sense? Are you still following? It’s totally normal to do this, but we need to do better at loving ourselves for everything that makes us unique instead of wishing we have something that someone else has.

Choose self-empowering language 

This is what I mean when I talk about positive affirmations! Instead of talking down to yourself when you don’t understand something at work or are feeling bad about your body, working on having empowering language when negative thoughts enter your mind can help keep you keep yourself in check whenever you aren’t feeling great. Using phrases like, “I have all the power I need,” or “I make my dreams a reality,” can make such a small change in how you see yourself and how others will see you. There is power behind your thoughts and words, so use them for the good of your wellbeing!

Be authentically and unapologetically you 

Something I have learned over the past few years is a lesson about acceptance. Acceptance for who you are physically, mentally, and personality-wise. Learning to be unapologetically yourself can be a difficult road to be on, but as long as you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, then you will finally be happy just being you!

I hope that some of these small tidbits of advice can help any of you who may need to hear this right now. You are all amazing the way you are and you are definitely good enough for anything you put your mind to. Have a great rest of your week and I promise I am working at getting a schedule down for my blog, so please hang tight and thank you all for sticking with me through this journey!


Hannah Rose 



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New to the blogging world! I hope you enjoy my take on everything from a college student perspective!

5 thoughts on “Am I Good Enough + Steps to Remember”

  1. Love this Hannah! This is a post I really needed, I believe that I have a good self confidence but sometimes/some days you just judge yourself too much. And today was one of those days. So I really needed this booster. Thank you <333

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  2. Reblogged this on CoffeeMamma and commented:
    The lovely Hannah Rose opens up about something that I think everyone struggles with from time to time and this is just a really great read and some great reminders to help keep you positive about how you look at yourself I love when she says be authentically on unapologetically you I think it’s one of the strongest things anyone can do as a human is be yourself because there’s no one else out there like you

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