Work Hustle + Side Hustle Balance

Hello Beautiful Babes,

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend in NYC and Jersey City which has been such a mood lifter! Officially been in the new apartment for a few weeks now and things are really starting to come together and look like an actual home, which has been really fun. So far no complaints about living with Nick, we are truly enjoying spending our time together and just love doing life together, which I guess you can say is a good sign! Lately, I have been watching a lot of YouTube and keeping up to date with a lot of different ‘influencers’ I follow and it got me thinking a lot about the term ‘side hustle.’ When I started this blog, I really started it as a hobby and now that I am out of school and working full time, I know lots of people my age who have a side hustle or side passion that they have as another stream of income. This intrigued me because I thought, why not make a little money on the side, doing something I love so much? I started compiling ideas and consulted a book that I have been reading titled, “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” by Rachel Hollis and I collected a few practices that I would like to incorporate in my daily life and hopefully turn my passion project into a side hustle! 


Wake up earlier 

I swear, waking up early even though I really don’t have to be into my full-time job until 9, has been such a great new addition to my routine. I’m actually writing this post sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee at 6:45 am. For me personally, waking up early has never truly been an issue. Do I like sleeping in? DUH! But, within the past few years, I found that I am way more productive in the morning than I am at 7pm at night. Especially now that I am working full time, most days I get home and just want to turn my brain off, instead of staring at a laptop and write. For myself the peaceful nature of mornings, makes me feel energized and ready to tackle any task!

Get yourself a planner + color code 

When you have a busy schedule, then the organization is KEY. I have always had this infinite love for my planner and everything it contains and honestly, if I didn’t have it on me at all times, then I would probably be lost in my day to day life. One of the many comments I read talks about organization being key, so let’s bust out our colored pens and get sh*t done!

Set aside time for your passion project 

In the book I read from Rachel Hollis, she talked about setting aside time for your side business. She said to set aside 5 hours spread throughout the week and block out an amount of time every day to work on your side hustle. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I have to say, setting aside an hour to write, edit photos, or reach out to local content creators in the area has really started to make an impact on how I am moving things forward. Again, I have only just started this, but it has definitely made a difference in my routine!  

Burnout can be REAL 

Every article or influencer I have been following has talked about burnout when you are juggling multiple different things. Mentally you will most likely feel drained and exhausted, but it’s what happens when you are working towards a larger goal for yourself. Some advice I have for you is to be sure to take a minute for yourself. If you are feeling overwhelmed with numerous things, go take a walk or take some time to yourself for 30 minutes, whatever you need to do in order to avoid feeling burned out, will overall be a good mental refresher! 

Outsource your tasks 

I find myself doing this a lot now that I am working full time and balancing the blog and such, but outsourcing my daily tasks, has been really helpful at maintaining balance. When you have a lot of different activities or passions that you are juggling, it can be really helpful to handle some tasks while you are in the middle of doing something else. Kinda confusing? So for example, when I am commuting to work, I am writing topic ideas for future posts or planning things in my schedule for meetups with other bloggers in the area. Instead of just standing on the train listening to music and staring at my feet, I am trying to work on a task that benefits my side hustle. Make more sense?

I hope if you have a passion that you are working towards making a career someday, I hope some of this advice can help you push it forward. My last piece of advice is if you are going to do anything, do it wholeheartedly and with no fear of failure. We all have something we are passionate about and I hope you go for whatever it may be, with everything you got!


Hannah Rose 



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New to the blogging world! I hope you enjoy my take on everything from a college student perspective!

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