Productive Work/Study From Home Tips + Tricks

Hey everyone! 

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane throughout this whole crazy environment we are living in. This week is the 3rd week I have been working from home and I can’t lie, there are some days where it has been relaxing and other days where I definitely miss being at the office. But nonetheless, it’s the situation we are in right now which is why I’m sharing my tips on how to make the best of it! Comment below your favorite tips & tricks on how you manage to work or study from home. 



Change out of your Pajamas 

I find myself being more productive when I actually feel like a human being. The first day I started working from home, I stayed in my PJ’s all day and for the life of me, I could not focus 100% on what needed to get done that day. I found myself too distracted by every little thing, I just felt the urge to want to cuddle up and just relax. I’m not saying that you need to get all dressed up to work from your couch, but I do recommend showing, throw on some leggings and an oversized sweater of some sort and feel like a human! I definitely feel more productive when I make an attempt to be showered and dressed overstaying in my PJ’s while I work. 

Make your bed & leave your bed for sleeping

Once Nick is up and out of bed, the first thing I do is go into our room and make the bed. This has helped me feel more at ease during the day and has decreased my desire to crawl back into bed during the day. The way our apartment is laid out, I can see the bed from our couch. It’s weird, but if the bed is not made and I’m working in our living room, I can’t help but keep eyeing it if it’s not made, which in turn creates more distraction throughout my day. So the moral of the story is, make your bed in the morning! Just do it. 

Wake up earlier than your designated work time

 I have talked about this extensively on my blog about the importance of waking up earlier and trying to start my day earlier even though I may not have to log in on my computer till 9 am. The first day I worked from home, I slept until 8am or close to 8:30 because I thought, “this is great, I can wake up a little later and not have to worry about getting ready.” Boy was I wrong. I felt sluggish all day, my mind was not 100% ready to work just yet when I had to log on. Long story short it was a struggle! Some of you may think I’m crazy for waking up at 7 to start my day before working at 9 am, but truth be told, not all of us will be working from home forever. So I found it important for me to still wake up semi-early to try and maintain my normal routine when I have to commute and go back to work in our office. Waking up early allows me time to sit with my cup of coffee, sit and unwind, and just allow myself to wake up at my own pace!

Create a designated workspace

Since Nick and I have a very small 480sqft apartment, there was not a lot of room for a desk, which has made working from home a little difficult. But, we are adjusting and making it work while we are self quarantined at home. My advice to you is to find a designated workspace where you feel like you can sit and get work done in a productive way. Since we don’t have a desk, I have opted for our couch. My bed is meant for sleeping and I try to keep my bed as my relaxing space over my productive space! Every day, I burn a candle, set up my work station at my coffee table and I focus on what needs to get done for the day. 

Have a set plan for the day 

I try my best to have a plan of action set for my day. I typically split my to-do list into ‘work’ and ‘personal’ to-dos in order to separate the important things that need to get done for my job and the personal things that can wait until I have a break or once I have logged off for the night. I also write out the 3 most important things that need to get done first and foremost for both work and personal and start there, instead of writing out 10 things that need to get done for each and end up not focusing on the most important tasks at hand. I also aim to schedule everything out for the day. Not just to-do’s but also my lunch breaks so my team knows when I plan to take a lunch, schedule time to do small chores around the apartment (if my day allows me to), etc. Mapping out every aspect of your day definitely sets you up to have the best productive day you can have and I highly recommend doing it! 

Put on some tunes or podcasts that help you focus 

When I really need to focus on something, I love to put on music to listen to. It helps me get in the right focused mindset for the day. My top focus playlists or motivating podcasts would be The Goal Digger Podcast, RISE Podcast, That Creative Life Podcast, Lo-Fi Beats Playlist or the Productive Morning Playlist all on Spotify! 

Take 10-minute breaks throughout your day 

Something I have learned while working from home has been the importance of taking time for yourself and taking breaks away from your computer for a few minutes at a time. For the sake of your sanity and wellbeing, be sure to take a break away from staring at your computer screen and go for a short walk or do a few yoga stretches to unwind!

Stay active throughout your day 

This kind of goes hand in hand with my last point about taking breaks throughout the day. Especially with everything going on in the world, and a lot of places closing temporarily it can be difficult to go to the gym nowadays. I also believe that because I am not walking every day to work for the time being, I have found myself becoming lazier when it comes to keeping active. You almost have to force yourself to get up and get moving throughout the day to keep semi-active for the time being. Whether you get up and walk, run, do yoga, or do a quick ab workout in your living room, you want to make sure you are keeping your activities up while we are inside!

Manage your time on your phone/social media

On the first day working from home, I definitely found myself more distracted from my phone than normal, which did not do great things for my productivity. So I decided to designate specific times where I can check my phone for a social media break and when I need to put it away and use it only for music. There is also using your phone in a productive way over just using it as a form of distraction. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your phone and you have refreshed your Twitter or Instagram multiple times, then you probably are not using your phone productively. Sometimes it’s best to just put it away and only break it out during a break or for music!

I hope this post gives you some ideas to incorporate into your own routines while you are working or studying from home. I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there!


Hannah Rose


FabFitFun Unboxing + Review 2020

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there. The social distancing and working from home 24/7 has really been taking a toll on Nick and I lately, but we are doing our best to remain positive and not allow our selves to feel defeated during this time of uncertainty. On a more positive note, I received my latest FabFitFun box which is exciting! As you probably all know I have been sharing the FabFitFun boxes with you for a little over 2 years (I think) and I still love them so much. Honestly, you can’t beat the price for all the quality products you receive! It’s a 250+ value for only $49.99 which is incredible. Over the past few years, I have received lots of high-quality products from Tarte Cosmetics, Ouai hair products, Kate Spade, etc. If you are like me and love trying new products, then you should definitely try these boxes out. I will share my link below where you can get $10 off your first box (which again is a STEAL)! So when I do these box reviews, I typically try out all the products in my box for a week to get a thorough understanding of how the products worked for me personally and how well the box captured my personality by using the results from the quiz I took in the beginning. I won’t keep you guys in suspense any longer, so here is my review!


DONNI Ribbed Seater Coat 

This was one of my add on choices and honestly, it is so cozy and comfortable! It’s a very lightweight long knitted sweater that makes the perfect morning robe or a work from home addition to my wardrobe. I tried to find a link for this sweater, unfortunately I was not able to, but if I end up finding one, I will be sure to let you know if you are interested in this sweater!


Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

This is such a game-changing product that I have fallen in love with! No joke, I have been using this product every night since I received it. I think it has honestly been helping me sleep A LOT better because it’s blocking out any light that could be coming from the street and the weighted aspect of the mask I believe has helped calm my mind and has actually helped me fall asleep a lot faster. This product is a 10/10 for me and I would absolutely recommend this for anyone who loves weighted blankets and masks as much as I do!


Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion

It is taking everything in me not to go through this product so fast because I have been using it almost every morning and night. I love the Murad brand and their skincare products have been so good for my skin and this infusion mask has been my new favorite addition to my morning and night skincare routine. The collagen is meant to help minimize the looks of lines and wrinkles on your face. Now I know I don’t have any crazy wrinkles or lines on my face, but hey no harm in starting to maintain those early on! After using it a few times, I have noticed a big difference in my skin and it actually appears to be more hydrated and smooth. I 100% recommend it to you!


Aria Beauty Luxe Detangling Electroplated Brush

I have been in the market for a new brush and the fact that I received one in this box, was a god sent. The thing that makes this brush different from other brushes, is its extended bristles to help easily detangle your hair and reduce stress on your hair. Having super thick hair can make it difficult to detangle your hair without feeling like you are ripping your hair from your head, so this brush has been truly a lifesaver for my hair!


This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon

Along with the weighted sleep mask, this is another product I have been using every night since I received the box last week! A couple boxes back, I received a deep sleep spray which I used basically every night because it smelled amazing and it helped me relax and fall asleep. This lotion is made by the same brand and is basically the spray, just in lotion form. I have been running it on my hands, arms and on my chest to make sure I get the full effect of the product. It definitely helps you fall asleep a little quicker and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to attack your day!


Winky Lux Rainbow Lip Balm

I liked the idea of this lip balm with the rainbow pattern, however this didn’t really work for me. I am a person who loves simplicity and has a very neutral aesthetic, so the fact that this lip balm left a very vibrant pink stain on my lips, didn’t really work for my personal style. Now if you love bright and vibrant lip balms, then this brand and product are for you! Even if the color didn’t work for me, the formula was really great and hydrating. So not a hit for me personally, but if you love vibrant lip colors, then absolutely check out this brand!


Chic & Tonic Set of 4 Silicone Straws + Brush Cleaner

I have been wanting to jump on the metallic/silicone straw trend for quite a while now, so I was very excited to receive this product in my box this season! Not only are these great for the environment, but they are also super easy to clean and pack away for traveling purposes. Definitely be sure to check out this brand if you have been looking for some new reusable straws!


The Better Skin Co. Epic C Serum

This is another product I received that I have been using almost every day. This serum is meant to tighten, brighten and revitalize your skin which I can definitely confirm that it does just that. It is so gentle on the skin and you can use it in the morning or at night. Personally, I have been using this product in the morning to give my skin the appearance that it is brighter and tighter than it appears when I first wake up in the morning!


Overall, I think this season’s box was a success! I still highly recommend these boxes to anyone who is looking to try out new products or brands. Most of the brands I receive I have never heard of, so it’s always exciting to try something new and possibly fall in love with a new brand you may have never previously been aware of. Just so you all know, all products are full size (which is great) and you really can’t beat the value of the products you receive in the box for only $49.99. I shared a link for you to use if you want $10 off your first box. I will talk to you all again soon and make sure you are staying safe and healthy!





My 9-5 Morning + Night Routine

Hey everyone!

Needless to say, the past couple of weeks have been a little crazy amidst the COVID-19 virus that has been affecting the US. I hope you all are staying safe and cautious with everything you are doing. I have been working from home the past few workdays, which has been nice not having to wake up so early, but I’m definitely missing working in an actual office at a desk as opposed to working from my couch. I am trying to keep the positive vibes alive because I know how much we need them in these times of uncertainty. I will be continuously posting as much content as I can to keep things as normal as they can be. With all that being said, I’m actually really excited to share this new post with all of you. So as some of you may know, I am actually a morning person. There is something about getting up early and starting your day on the right foot. I have found over the past few years that I am actually more productive in the morning when I can sit enjoy a cup of warm coffee and plan out the rest of my day or week! Now that Nick and I have moved closer to the city, I’m able to actually enjoy my morning routine and now we have a night routine now that I am not getting home at 9pm at night. Since I have started working full time in the city, I have found that having a good routine to follow is the key to having strong success in life. I truly love a good routine, which is why I’m so excited to share my morning and night routine and maybe give you guys some ideas to adapt to your own routine!



So let’s start with my morning routine: 

 Wake up between 6:30 and 7 am

Some of you may be thinking I’m insane and why would you wake up this early and, to be honest, I can’t really sleep past this time anyways. Once I’m awake, I’m awake and my day has started. Now obviously on weekends, I sleep in till around 8:30 or 9am, but on days where I have to go to work or work from home in this case, my goal is to be up as early as humanly possible. Over the past few years, I have found that I am much more productive in the morning when I can sit and have a warm cup of coffee and mentally start to wake myself up. If you are longing to feel more productive throughout your day, try waking up early and see how your day changes. I know that not everyone is a morning person. For instance, Nick is more productive at night and tends to like working on things later in the day which is great for him. My suggestion is to find what time of day are you feeling most awake and use that time to get sh*t done!

Shower + prep for the day

This honestly depends on the morning and what I have going on that day, but most days, I shower in the morning. I know that some of you are probably thinking I’m crazy for wanting to shower and have to spend some extra time getting ready in the morning, but I honestly love showering in the morning. It wakes me up and helps me feel clean throughout the day which is especially helpful when working from home. After showering I work on my skincare and makeup routine for the day. Now that I have been working from home I have not been wearing any sort of makeup, which my skin has been thanking me for! If you’d like to see my skincare routine or makeup routine, let me know in the comments and I’ll share what I use.

Make the bed

Growing up my mom always stressed the importance of making my bed and now that I am a grown adult, I can’t imagine a day where my bed is not made first thing in the morning. Nick sleeps in longer than I do, so sometimes it’s not first thing in the morning, but typically once we are both up and around, we both go in and make our bed. There is just something about making your bed that actually makes you feel like you have everything together. Maybe? Let me know if that makes sense or not. I like to have a clean space, especially if I have to be working in the space, so making the bed in the morning definitely makes me feel more at ease during my day knowing that my space is put together.

Eat a good breakfast

Honestly, this is dependent on the morning and how fast I need to get to work. Typically this consists of me eating some cereal or toast because I am not much of a breakfast person. I am working towards trying to take more time in the morning to sit and eat a more hearty breakfast instead of walking out the door with a coffee and granola bar in hand. Now that I am in this working from home routine, I have had more of an opportunity to spend more time in the morning to make something more filling to get me through my morning!


Now time for my night routine: 

Make dinner with Nick

Since we’ve moved into our new apartment, cooking dinner together has become one of our new favorite activities. We like learning new skills and recipes together, so this has become a new fun nightly routine for us to do and talk about our day!

Watch an episode (or two) of a show

Right now Nick and I are in the middle of watching Westworld (which is amazing) or watching Ghost Adventures. This has become something I love to do with him. We both work a lot during the day so being able to come home, cuddle up on the couch and catch up on some of our shows has been a huge de-stressor on the two of us!

Plan out tomorrows agenda

I am a planner through and through, so I like to have a list of things that need to get done the next day for work, for the blog or just in general. This definitely helps me get a clear vision of what my day will hold tomorrow and how much coffee I’ll need to get me through the day!

Do some night time stretches

This doesn’t happen EVERY single night, but I will do some stretches to help me loosen up any tension from the day. Especially now that I am working from my couch (which contrary to popular belief, is not as comfortable as you may think) it’s become more important for me to stay loose and stretch before going to bed.

Skincare routine + layout tomorrows outfit

My skincare routine basically consists of me just washing my face with my Mary Kay Clearproof Cleanser, moisturizer, some of my Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion cream and some Vitamin C serum. It honestly has worked wonders on my skin and I am so blessed to have the clear skin I do. After I do my skincare, then I just go through my closet and hang up whatever I am planning to wear to work the next day. Now obviously I am working from home, so for the time being my outfit typically consists of some leggings and a sweater, but you get a gist of what my normal routine would be like for my 9-5 work week!

I just want to share a few things I would like to start incorporating in my routine (thank you for reading this far): 

  • Start an easy workout routine at home (in the morning or at night)
  • Eat a more hearty breakfast to kickstart the day
  • Start reading more affirmations in the morning to set a positive tone for my day

If you made it to the end of this post, then congratulations! I know this was a crazy long blog for you to read, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to go through it all. I hope you all are staying strong and healthy during this time. I’ve been praying for things to change and get better for everyone who is affected or living in a state of fear. I’m sending you ALL the positive vibes and I can’t wait to talk to you all again soon!


Hannah Rose 


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Latest Obsessions + March Goals 2020

Hey everyone! 

I hope you all have been having a good kick-off to your week this week. I have literally been working around the clock at my 9-5 job and working on a new plan of action for my blog and where I’d like this to go eventually. I started this blog because I thought of it as just a hobby and a way for me to talk to people who could be going through the same life events that I have been experiencing. I’ve been doing a lot of back and forth as to what I would like to accomplish through this blog and how I can continue to grow and reach a wider audience. So I am currently working on a plan of action for the future of this blog, which has me super excited to get back into creating content that I am excited to write for you all to read! Now we have finally made it to March and honestly, 2020 is going way faster than I thought it would be. Is it just me? Anyways, the beginning of this year was full of SO many activities between moving, traveling, and working full time, I definitely feel like March snuck up on me very quickly. This month I have so many products, shows, clothes and music that I am so excited to share with you, so I hope you enjoy reading! 


Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low Shoes

I know I am probably so late to hop on this trend, but I swear to god everyone in NYC has these shoes! I had been in the market for a new pair of white lace-up shoes because the other ones I had from ASOS decided to give up on me after a few months, so these shoes were really an investment. When I got them in the mail, I was honestly SHOOK at how gorgeous they were! Besides the fact that they are absolutely so pretty, the comfort is incredible. I got the Sage Low version of the shoes because they come with a little platform that gives me lift, which is so appreciated as a 5’3” female. If you are looking for a high-quality pair of white sneakers, then I highly recommend investing in this pair of shoes!

Ghost Adventures 

Nick and I love watching this show! It is honestly so entertaining. It may be a little over the top at times, but the show is absolutely entertaining and we are always 100% down to throw it on the TV at any time. If you love paranormal investigation shows like we do, then definitely check out the few seasons they have on Hulu! 

Trader Joe’s Toner Spray 

I actually just stumbled across this product while I did some late-night grocery shopping at the Trader Joes by my office and I have to say, Trader Joes definitely kills it with the organic self-care products. The spray is a rosewater infused toner, so not only does it smell amazing but it actually works really well on my skin in the morning and at night. Wanna know the best part? It was only $5! Like what?! I am a huge sucker for cheap organic skincare products and this is probably one of the gentler and best-smelling toners I have used in a hot minute. 10/10 obsessed and 11/10 recommend! 

New York Style 

I have had such an awakening in the fashion world since moving to the area. I have always loved fashion and design since I can remember and I absolutely love how fashion here ranges from simple basics to over the top glam! I am constantly amazed by the creativity that surrounds me here daily, especially within people’s style choices. If you live in NYC or surrounding areas and need inspiration for your closet, just step outside and people watch and you will for sure find new look inspiration! 

High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans 

This has honestly been my go-to for the past few weeks and I am absolutely on a hunt to find more! I love high waisted jeans on my figure and I think a lot of that influence comes from styles I see around NYC. I love to feel comfortable and high waisted jeans are the PERFECT way to dress up or down any look you may have. I have a couple work outfits that I am obsessed with and 90% of them have high waisted straight leg jeans involved. I love Levi’s or American Eagle loose fit straight leg jeans, they are so comfortable and I absolutely recommend them as a closet must-have! 

Now time for my goals:

  • Reach my savings goal for the month
  • Plan an east coast travel location with Nick
  • Reach 1000 followers on Instagram
  • Start making a little revenue from blogging/content creation
  • Finally, purchase a dresser for our apartment
  • Learn one new skill (at work or personal)

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I really love writing for you all to read, so I hope you enjoy reading along. I can’t wait to talk to you all again next week!


Hannah Rose