CAUSEBOX Spring Unboxing + Review

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are still staying safe and healthy at home. Things have been okay here in Jersey City. I feel like things have been getting boring life-wise here because being stuck inside all the time, not much has really been happening. I am so missing wearing normal clothes to work and getting dressed up to go out. It’s funny the things you start to miss when you have nowhere to be! The online shopping has been at an all time high since we’ve been in quarantine because it gives me something to look forward to every week. Don’t worry I haven’t bought anything lately, but I’m sure there will be more cool things to look forward to. One of the boxes I received (and was super excited about) was CAUSEBOX! If you haven’t heard of CAUSEBOX before, it’s a similar quarterly subscription box service like FabFitFun, except all of the products you receive in CAUSEBOX support small sustainable and charitable businesses around the globe. I came across their brand through a couple of unboxing videos on YouTube and they products that came in the box seemed like they would be way more my style and taste today. So, I gave their brand a shot and decided to do a little unboxing review for you all so you can get a first hand look at everything you could receive on a quarterly basis through the year! So with that all said, I hope you enjoy reading.

Pixie Mood Zoe Crossbody

When I first saw this in the box, I was completely in love! Not only is the material high quality but it is totally my style and the perfect simple addition to any outfit. The material is vegan leather (which we love) and it comes in a variety of colors including honey, black and gray!


Bentgo Stackable Bento Box 

This box is not only aesthetically pleasing but it sustainably replaces single-use plastic alternatives and donates money to Feed the Children! I love products that have a cause and donate proceedings to charities. Overall the quality of the box is a great go-to for snacks on the go for work or trips. I do wish it could be a little bit larger, so it can hold a bit more, but overall I really love this product!


Artisan Direct Sustainable Grocery Starter Kit 

One thing that I have become accustomed to since moving to the city has been the importance of reusable bags when it comes to shopping, grocery shopping to be specific. Everywhere you go you see people using reusable bags and these adorable knit sustainable grocery bags have been the perfect aesthetically pleasing way to shop around Jersey City. Definitley check out this brand and do your part to stop using plastic bags in your town!


Earth Harbor Reparative Eye Cream 

I have been using this every morning and night and boy have I seen quite the improvement in my undereye issues! The product is super gentle on your skin, combines seaweed collagen, blue tansy, and plant oils to help replenish and restore the skin around your eyes. It has been super soothing under my eyes in the morning and this product helps keep everything tight and hydrated overnight. There has definitley been an improvement under my eyes since I have started using this product and I highly recommend for you to check out their business!


Cardea Auset CALM Mood Mist 

This spray has been life saving when it comes to putting me asleep. It is lavender scented and one spray can go a long way! I have found this product to be super helpful in relaxing me before bed and helping my to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to attack the day. Definitley a new must-have in my everyday routine!


Fosterie Layered Gem Necklace 

I am not typically a gold jewelry kinda girl, but I will make the acception for this necklace! It is simple and goes with a lot of the items I have in my closet which is perfect for my everyday style. The necklace was specially made for Causebox, but Fosterie has a ton of other simple and unique jewelry pieces to shop from!


Simple Self Daily Self-Care Planner 

This has been another product that I have been using every day since I received it. The planner is supposed to be a 13-week self care plan of action to help better your lifestyle day to day based on a self-care insight quiz you take in the beginning of the book! I have actually found this book to be super helpful in organizing my day to day life. It’s similar to what you would put into a bullet journal without having to draw everything out yourself! The layout and design of the journal is super cute and the the daily layout section every week has been amazing at keeping me in line with my goals/habits every day that I am shooting to accomplish! Highly recommend and you really can’t beat the price.


I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. If you have a pretty similar style and product preference to me, then you definitley need to check out CAUSEBOX! Everything you receive has such a sweet message and business creating the products you see in every box. Let me know if you’d like me to do more CAUSEBOX unboxing and reviews in the comments below and I’d be happy to share more information on the subscription service with you all. I’ll talk to you all again next Tuesday!


Hannah Rose 

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  1. This looks like such a fun and cute box! All the products look wonderful and I like that they are sustainable and supporting small businesses. The packaging is gorgeous as well! Thank you for sharing this! 💛

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    1. hannahrose30 says:

      Of course! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading & definitely be sure to check out their brand!

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