Beginners Guide to Manifestation

Hi Everyone ~

I hope you all have been having a good week. It is so close to the weekend and I am very excited to do the same thing I have been doing all week, which is not much. I have been better about posting more consistent content during the week, which has kept me pretty busy, but I’m not gonna lie, I kinda miss working. I have been reminded, constantly, by my mom that everything will happen when it’s meant to happen. And she is 100% right. I can’t rush the things that are meant to happen in their own respective time. All I can do is take it day by day. On that note, I have been taking more of an interest in the theory of manifestation. I have always believed that the universe works in our favor, and if we put out the idea of this perfect life we want to live, then the universe can help put us in that direction we are striving for. That being said, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to put in any work to achieve this dream. Manifestation is all about taking real steps to move towards that goal, but with the idea in mind that the universe is there to help guide you in that direction. I know this is a lot of confusing information to take in so, I listed out a few beginner steps to help you manifest the life that you are desiring to live.

Be Specific

Whenever you are setting goals for yourself, it’s important to keep your goals specific. For example, if you are wanting to lose weight, don’t just write down “I will workout.” Maybe try writing it like this, “I will workout Monday through Friday at 7 am for 4 weeks straight.” This makes your goal specific and helps you to to better visualize exactly what you are wanting to accomplish. Vague goals don’t get you anywhere. You need specifics to better guide each day to one day accomplish that goal.

Be Realistic

Now I would love to be as famous as the Kardashians and have my own reality TV show, but maybe that’s not exactly realistic. When coming up with goals, it’s important to keep your dream goals, in perspective and make them accomplishable. If you are manifesting 1 million dollars in the next 24 hours, maybe that’s not the most realistic thing to manifest. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try and manifest your dream of one day having 1 million dollars, but make that dream more achievable. You can manifest these goals to become reality, but you have to understand that it takes a lot of inner work to make that happen.

Align Yourself

This is the classic, saying one thing and then doing the exact opposite. Going back to my example about losing weight, you can’t say that you want to lose weight and then you can’t turn around and eat a bunch of junk food and expect the same results. To achieve the goals and life you want, you need to align your everyday life with those goals. Take a moment to imagine the life you are trying to manifest for yourself. What are you feeling? What are you doing? What’s different compared to your current life? Focus on those details because those are what are going to help you build that dream. To achieve that “dream” you need to change certain aspects of your life. Thoughts, feelings, actions, and all!

Put in the Effort

One of the common misconceptions of manifestation is the belief that you just sit back and wait for the good things to come into your life. Hate to break it to you, but getting to your desired life is going to take a lot of effort on your part to happen. Change starts with you. You don’t wait on anyone else to get things started. Only you can show up for yourself every day. I learned this through my “journey” with BeachBody. No one else can make me workout or work hard to lose weight or feel more confident in myself. Only I can make that change and push myself to accomplish that goal. If you want to be happy, then you need to step up and start making yourself happy.

Be Aware for Signs

I am a big believer in signs from the universe. Obviously, you need to put in the work for whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean that the universe doesn’t throw you signs every now and again to show that you are on the right (or wrong) path. It’s not exactly a step-by-step game plan that is brought to your attention. However, each moment in our lives is meant to teach us something or direct us in a specific direction. If I hadn’t been let go from my position, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog for you all to read or creating fun content on my other social platforms. There are reasons for everything, so don’t ignore those signs because they are helping to guide you to the path you are meant to be on.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I know manifestation can be a bit confusing and to be honest, I’m not 100% sure if I fully understand it either. The main point I want to get across is, your dream life doesn’t work unless you do. There are signs that are helping to guide you, but unless you put in the work then nothing will progress the way it’s supposed to. I will talk to you all again soon!


Hannah Rose

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