FabFitFun Unboxing Winter 2018 + Review

Hello there beautiful people!

I am in such a great mood today because we only have 2 more weeks of this semester, then… CHRISTMAS! It is my absolute favorite time of year & I am feeling extremely festive. Christmas actually came early this year because my FabFitFun winter 2018 box came this week! It has officially been 1 year since I have started these boxes & boy has it been a fun year receiving all these awesome products. If you are looking for the perfect gift to get someone, choose FabFitFun! It is a box that is full of different & new products. I For those of you tuning in for the first time, I’ll do a quick run-down of how everything works! I pay a seasonal subscription of $49.99 (not monthly) & if you pay to have a box, you will receive over $300 worth of products in your box. All products you receive are from existing brands & are full sized! I don’t promote any products or services that I don’t like or I don’t use, so the fact that I take the time to share with you all these products should show you just how cool these boxes are. Now, let’s dive into all of my new goodies (I’m totally running out of space to fit everything)!


Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask

This stuff not only smells amazing but does its job! I am not normally one to use hair masks because I am always fearful that it will make my hair feel gross or not work properly. This hair mask works wonders though! You apply it to your already washed hair, leave it in for 5 minutes then wash it out. It is a mask used to seal split ends & strengthen your hair all together. 10/10 would totally recommend!


Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (Add on)

First off, totally loving the packaging for this product! It is so clean & chic which basically mimics how the product works. This was one of my add ons to the box & I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I used to never really have a need to use dry shampoo in the past because I wasn’t always on the go (like I am now) but now I have something that will make it easy for me to keep fresh for the day! It makes my hair feel brand new & I doesn’t leave a weird residue in my hair, which is always a plus.


Sherrie Matthews Acupuncture Jade Roller (Add on) 

So I have been seeing jade rollers all over the internet & I have been dying to use one to see what all the hype is about. For those of you who don’t know, jade rollers are used as an anti-aging beauty tool that is supposed to help promote facial relaxation. I have used it a few times & if I’m being honest, the product is cool but I’m not sure if it is worth all the hype I had been seeing. Maybe I haven’t been doing it long enough in order to see any real results, but I just don’t seem to be getting it. HOWEVER, I will say that it does make me feel more relaxed before bed & it has been sort of fun to use as a form of self-care!


WAY OF WILL Elevate Essential Oil 

I am a sucker for good essential oils & I absolutely love my oil diffuser during the winter time! Eucalyptus & orange are two of my all time favorite scents (along with lavender) so, needless to say I was super hype when I saw these in my box. Another great way to use these oils is simply applying them to your body. Orange is said to help sooth headaches or cramps & eucalyptus can be applied to sore muscles! I am super excited to use these oils & I 100% recommend them to everyone (because oils are life).


Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener 

This eye brightener has become a staple piece in my makeup routine! I have always hated my dark circles & I always felt like no matter what I did to my eyes, there was no way of making my eyes look brighter. This product gives you that little bit of extra shimmer to your everyday makeup look. Absolutely in love with this product!


AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask 

I have found new love for the brand AHAVA! I received a winter hand repair in my first FabFitFun box last winter & have been using it ever since. This product I feel the same way about. This mask is a very simple and easy way to make your skin appear a little brighter and more hydrated (which is always needed in the winter). It is perfect for all skin types & you can leave the mask on for a few minutes or all night! The product is infused with mineral spring water, shea butter & vitamin E which helps your skin feel smooth and soft. Totally hooked on this brand!


BLAQ HydroGel Eye Mask 

I know I say this a lot for these products, but I have found new love for these BLAQ eye masks! These are used to reduced puffy eyes & dark circles which is amazing considering what a problem I have with those. You apply them right under your eye & leave on for around 10 minutes and watch magic happen. After applying them to my eyes, they gave a cold, tingly feeling under my eyes which I thought was a little strange, but after a while I started to forget that they were there. I took them off after 10 minutes had passed and already I could see a difference in how much brighter my eyes looked! The only downside is that there are only 5 packs of eye masks so I will have to use them sparingly, but other than that I would 100% use again.


Mark & Graham Color-block Throw 

This throw is one of the softest blankets I have ever received! I absolutely love the coziness it adds to my room. Not going to lie, the color is not my absolute favorite color in the world, but I still think that it adds a cozy feeling to my room regardless.


Lele Sadoughi Silver Necklace (Add on) 

I have been dying to find a new simple necklace that I could pair with anything & I think I may have found it! This necklace is absolutely adorable and very simple. It came in silver which I wear most of the time so I am happy with the style & color.



Spongelle Body Contouring Buffer 

I have received this product before in a previous box & I was pleasantly surprised at how much I really enjoyed the product! It had multiple uses for cleansing, exfoliating, massaging & toning your skin. I cannot wait to use this the next time I am in the shower!


Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara 

I am absolutely obsessed with the mascara that I already use but like I have said before, I am always willing to try new products. This mascara definitely volumized my lashes by making them thicker which gives off the look of fuller lashes. I have only used it once so far, but I cannot wait to use it again!


 If you have any questions about the FabFitFun boxes feel free to contact me about it. I will post my link below for you to check out the website & get started on your first box! If you use my link you will bet $10 off your first box (which is an awesome deal). I have an IGTV video up and running on my Instagram page where I will be showing you the products. Be sure to keep a look out for another post this Thursday for my latest obsessions series! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week & I cannot wait to talk you you all again soon.


Sending Positive Vibes, 





FabFitFun Fall 2018 Box + Review

Hey there everyone!

It’s that season, FALL & you know what that means… FabFitFin Fall Unboxing!! I absolutely adore fall. Sweaters, changing leaves & Pumpkin spice everything! You honestly could not have a better season. This is my first ever Fall box from FabFitFun & I have to say that I am 100% obsessed (as always) with everything I have received. For those of you tuning into this post for the first time, I will share a little bit of information about what FabFitFun is all about.


So I pay a seasonal subscription for FabFitFun which means I only have to pay 4 times a year. Your first box will be $10 (which is an amazing deal), all the products you receive are full sized & absolutely incredible! I will share my special code at the end of this post for those of you that would love to try it out. I wouldn’t be promoting these boxes if I didn’t like them & I promise for the price you are paying for hundreds of dollars worth of products, it is 100% worth it. So, let’s dive into the latest & greatest goodies!

Vince Camuto Luck Tote 

I am so unbelievably happy that I chose this bag as one of my add-ons!  It is super lightweight, the material is awesome & it pairs well with everything I have in my closet. The retail value for this bag is $128, so needless to say this was a great addition to my box. I love the basic black look because I feel like it goes well with anything. 10/10 best item EVER!


Alfred French Press Coffee Brewer 

I have been dying to start using a french press coffee maker for a while now & when I saw this as one of my add-on options, I didn’t even hesitate! The caption, “But First Coffee,” is a phrase I live by all the time, so I knew I couldn’t pass up not having it as a part of my fall box. I love the simple look it has with the stainless steel and glass & I cannot wait to incorporate it into my morning routine!


Cathrine Malandrino Umbrella 

This umbrella could not have come at a better time considering my last small umbrella broke. I absolutely adore the simple design with the scribbled polka dots & it is the perfect travel size for any occasion!


Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant 

This stuff is amazing! When the weather drops I have always dealt with dry skin (which is not a fun problem to have) & this exfoliant works like a true charm. I love the smell of the product! t’s formulated with glucomannan from konjac to absorb oils and pink grapefruit to fight free radicals. Needless to say, this product is a true 10/10 recommendation for anyone with dry skin!


Touch in SOL Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo (Penny coloring)

Those of you who know me, know that I don’t normally wear lipstick unless for a special occasion. I have to say I absolutely love the color choice (very fall) however, I am not the biggest fan of how the metallic look looked on me. This makes me really sad because I wanted so badly to love it, and it may grow on me, but the metallic look that it gave my lips just wasn’t my style. That being said, if you like the glittery look to your lips then this product is 100% for you! I just wanted to give my honest opinion & at the end of the day, I love the color but the metallic look just doesn’t do it for me.


Beauty Blender 

I mean, come on who doesn’t need a new & beautiful beauty blender!


GLAMGLOW Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask

This is by far the coolest 3D bubble experience I have ever had! The bubbles on this mask invigorate & detoxify your skin & boy does it work wonders. I love my glowing complexion once I take off the mask & I can’t help but laugh at myself with the bubbles growing all over my face!


Simply Whimsical Set of 2 Tea Towels 

These towel designs are giving me LIFE! I adore the simplicity of the design & it totally will perk up my mood any time I walk into the kitchen. I cannot wait to put them in my apartment!


SKIN&CO Roma Blue in Capri Shower Gel 

This shower gel is a MUST HAVE in my shower! I love the smell because it is super relaxing in the morning & I love the hints of sage, lemon & alpine rose. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry when I get out of the shower & it leaves my body feeling amazing. 10/10 would totally recommend to anyone!


So that’s everything! I hope you enjoyed everything that I shared with you. If you would like any more information about the box or how to get started, don’t be afraid to reach out to me & I would be happy to give you more information! I absolutely adore this company & these boxes which is why I am so passionate about sharing my experience with you. I would not share or endorse any products with you that I do not 100% adore & I hope you take the chance to look into starting your subscription. I will share my link down below & be sure to check out my IGTV (Instagram) for my video review of the products as well! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week & spread positive vibes wherever you go. I will talk to you all again soon!

( https://t.fabfitfun.com/aff_c?offer_id=13&aff_id=9686 )

Sending Positive Vibes, 







Rose Vintage Dress + Exploring Grand Haven

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend & are ready to keep this week going with lots of positivity & motivation. This past weekend was packed with so much fun! Friday I traveled back to my hometown in Grosse Pointe & was able to enjoy the Journey & Def Leppard concert at Comerica Park (best birthday present EVER) & Saturday was full of lots of celebrating for my best friends 21st birthday! It was so much fun & important to spend time with the people that I hold close to my heart so overall my weekend was absolutely amazing. I’m sorry for not posting anything on the blog this past week. I was in a dry spell (creatively) & desperately needed to get out of my apartment, shoot some fun photos and work on creating more content for you! So, I’m back & ready to share some of these amazing photos taken by my love.

DSC_0212DSC_0197DSC_0189DSC_0155DSC_0150DSC_0146DSC_0141DSC_0132So this sundress is one of my all-time new favorite pieces in my closet! I found it at Marshalls on the clearance rack &  just had to have it. I have been looking for more dresses this summer season, so when I found this hidden gem I knew I could not walk out without it. The style fits my body type perfectly & I have some serious vintage vibes while wearing it.  It is the perfect casual strolling around outfit which is exactly what we did that day! My handsome boyfriend & I had some time before we worked later that day so we decided to spend it doing a little photoshoot & roaming the cute town of Grand Haven. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Grand Haven because I love small boutiques & cute unique restaurants that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. After we were done shooting we grabbed a bite to eat at the Electric Hero Sandwich Shop & all I can say is that the sandwiches were just YUM! I could have spent all day walking around & doing a little shopping (of course), but sadly we both had to end up going into work.

This week I have a lot going on with work, but that won’t stop me from working on more content that I am very excited to share with all of you! My blog is almost a year old & I am very very excited about that as well! It’s crazy to see how far my blog has come in the year & how much my style & everything has changed since then. I honestly didn’t realize when I first started this blog how much it has actually changed my life. I have grown to be more confident in myself & my writing, I have met so many great people through blogging and writing for this blog has become one of my greatest passions. I cannot wait to see where the rest of this journey will take me. Thank you, everyone, for sticking with me & reading. I appreciate & love all of you. Have an amazing rest of your week & I cannot wait to talk to you all again soon!

Sending Positive Vibes, 






Spring Jumpsuit + Exploring Eastown

Hey there everyone!

Happy Monday beautiful people! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend & are ready to start this week off with a strong start. I apologize for only one post last week, I was scheduled to work basically every day & at the end of the day, my creative capabilities were drained which made it very difficult to write. BUT, I am back and creating new content that will be up on the blog within the next few weeks & I cannot wait to share it with all of you! The past few weeks in Grand Rapids have been absolutely gorgeous so, I decided to take advantage of those beautiful days and do some exploring in my favorite city!





IMG_1564I absolutely love my new jumpsuit! It is flowy, bright & just so much fun to wear! I have been on the hunt for a cute jumpsuit for MONTHS & I am so happy that I stumbled across this cute piece while in TjMaxx. I plan on wearing it for lots of occasions this spring & summer. This is one of my latest style trends that I am absolutely obsessed with for this spring & I am so excited to find more to strut my stuff in!


There are so many cute small shops in Eastown & one of my new favorite shops in that area is Lennon and Willow Boutique! They are a super adorable shop that offers a wide variety of clothing & accessories for women to “set you apart from the fashion world.” It is absolutely adorable so if you are ever in the area be sure to go in & say hi! Also, if you would like me to do more sharing about my favorite shops downtown or around me let me know & I will start doing plugins on my blog to support local businesses!

Sadly, We weren’t able to spend all day in town because both myself & my lovely boyfriend (and photographer) had to work later that day. So we headed back home & relaxed before work! I hope to do some more explorations soon & share more fabulous places to share with all of you!

If you haven’t had a chance to do so, be sure to keep up to date with me & the blog on my social media! All links are located on the sidebar of my page! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week full of positivity & good vibes. Thank you all for sticking with me on this blogging journey & I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate all of your support. Keep in touch & I will talk to you again soon!

Sending Postive Vibes, 





Casual Day OOTD + Downtown

Hey there everyone!

Thank god it’s Friday!! This week has been one of my slower weeks which has been FANTASTIC! I have still had to do a decent amount of work, but definitely not as much as last week. So needless to say I am in a good mood! Today I wanted to share my favorite go to outfit! Whether I am going downtown or going to classes, this outfit is the perfect comfy ensemble for the girl who is ready to explore!



The back of this sweater is to die for! 





How cute are these sunglasses?? 

This outfit is super comfortable & perfect for a casual day on the town! I bought the sweater while in Arizona at Nordstrom Rack & I love it! It is light weight and the material is soft & comfy. It is the perfect outfit for this in-between weather for spring! The boots are from Lucky Brand & I am obsessed with them! They are the perfect boot for completing any outfit! I absolutely recommend if you are looking for some cute booties for your spring apparel. Now how about these sunglasses?? They are probably my new obsession! I bought them from VibeLA and I am so happy that I did. Their material is great & I love the many different styles that they offer. If you are interested in seeing more of their styles I have the link posted below! Overall this outfit can be accessorized and dressed up or down in so may ways! This sweater is my all time favorite piece of clothing & I am so happy that I found it! I love simple pieces that can be flipped & changed to make many different looks with the one piece. This outfit is the perfect ensemble to go out and explore downtown!

What are some of your favorite causal OOTD’s or casual pieces? I’d love to hear from you so comment below!! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend & have a wonderful Easter with your loved ones! Look out for a new blog post coming to you this Monday! I promise it is going to be a good one. I can’t wait to talk to you all soon!

Sending Positive Vibes, 

Hannah Rose 










FabFitFun Spring Box 2017 + Video

Hey there everyone!

Spring is finally making it’s way to Michigan & OMG I could not be more excited! It means warmer weather & sunshine is right around the corner. Now that it’s basically spring time I am so excited to have received my newest FabFitFun box! I am so amazed at all the wonderful products that I received this month & I am beyond stoked to share them all with you. At the end of this blog I have created a video that shows my reaction to all the items in the box! This post is meant to dive a little more in depth to each product & give you more insight into why each product is so great!



If you have not read my last post about the box, I will do a quick review of the FabFitFun process in case you are interested in joining! For your first box it is $10 off your first box if you use my code: TENOFF or FIRST BOX through my link (which will be put down below). So your first box will be $39.99 instead of $49.99! You will receive over $200 dollars worth of products! I promise you guys it’s totally worth it! It also isn’t a monthly charge. If you are a seasonal member then you pay the $49.99 every season & if you are an annual member then you pay $180 every year! It’s not a bad deal for what you receive I promise! If you love to try new products & are curious about this box then I encourage you to take a leap of faith and get the box!


Now that I got that part out of the way, now it’s time to look inside this season’s box! The total cost of everything inside the box was $347 which I only paid $49.99 for!


This first product was my add on that I paid using my add-on credit through FabFitFun! I was in dire need of some new sunglasses & when I saw these I knew I had to have them. They  are made by Summer & Rose and are to die for! They are super comfortable & light weight. I love the black matte finish on the rims & the cat- eye shape is very classy and in style right now!


The next product was also outside of my box & this one I am very excited to try out! It is a body wash infused buffer by Spongelle. It smells amazing & it supposed to last for 14+ showers! After using it, I found my skin feeling a lot more smooth & moisturized! I can’t wait to use it more.


When I first opened up my box I found this seasons catalog & a $50 off card for Hello Fresh! The catalog had so much information about not only the products but about their partnership with Girl Rising for this season. Girl rising is a global campaign who’s mission is to change the way society views girls & to ensure that girls everywhere are equal participants into today’s society. It’s a great organization & I am so excited that they paired up with FabFitFun for this box! I also now has an excuse to try out Hello Fresh with my $50 off card! So thank you FabFitFun!


These are the Ettika Day Dreamer Tassel Earrings! This was one of my free add-on items that I was able to pick from. I love the way they look on me & they are total statement earrings that you can pair with almost anything. They are a showstopper for any room!




Next is the ISH Lip Statement Palette! Even though I am not normally a lipstick kinda girl, I do love the brightness of the palette & the pigment of the colors. I think it’s overall a great product! The lipstick is enriched with rose extract, shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil & aloe vera. This palette is also super great for mixing colors for a endless amount of different combinations!


Omg it’s the Rachel Pally Reversible Clutch!! I am absolutely in LOVE with this clutch. It’s the perfect statement piece to any outfit this spring/ summer! I ‘m very excited to use it this spring!


I absolutely love this Free People x Understated Leather Starry Eyes Travel Eye Mask! It is a vegan leather eye mask which contains a non-toxic cooling insert to keep you feeling & looking refreshed in the morning. The strap is adjustable for a perfect fit overtime & the metallic stars are to die for. You’ll be having sweet dreams with this adorable night mask!


Next up is the Anderson Lilley Sunset Collection Candle! This candle will deliver not only on style but freshness. It brightens up any room & smells absolutely amazing! I love when candles don’t have an incredibly strong scent because they give me headaches, but this candle is totally different. It is hand poured coconut wax blend that also delivers a clean & even burning fragrance! And how cute is the copper container?? It is the perfect addition to any room!


This fabulous item is the Physique 57 Massage Roller! I don’t know about you, but my muscles get so tight all the time. So this item is a blessing to those tense muscles that you may have! It helps improve flexibility & keep tender muscles at bay. If you just spend 10 minutes using this, I promise your muscles will be thanking you!


My next item is the KORRES Guava Body Butter! I am a sucker for lotions & body butters. It contains shea butter & quince extract to moisturize your skin while sunflower, almond & avocado oils help nourish and improve your skins smoothness! I have to say it works really well! I love the scent & the fact that there are natural ingredients in it make me so happy! 10/10 absolutely recommend!


This wonderful item is the Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Makeover Concealing Ridge Filler! I have never heard of this before, but apparently it is a way to keep your nails healthy, smooth, and glossy with this filler! It helps concealing nail imperfections with a natural pink hue. It also treats your nails with protein, vitamins and moisture! I am so excited to make my nails more healthy with this concealer.


My next item is the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion! It is an oil free moisturizer that will help your skin stay smooth & healthy while providing your skin with hydration. It also minimizes your pores (BLESS) & soothes redness/ irritation! Normally I am very skeptical of skincare products because I have sensitive skin & it took me FOREVER to find a product that really worked for my skin. However this product fulfilled it’s promise! I would totally recommend it to anyone who has the same problems with skin like I do. My skin is healthy & happy!


My last product (sad face) is the Dove Exfoliating Body Polish! This polish is meant to sooth, moisturize & exfoliate your skin while you shower. It removes dry skin making your skin feel silky & smooth! I have not used it yet, but I am planning on using it real soon (#DryWinterSkin)!

I hope this post encourages you to try one of these fabulous boxes. I have loved being a FabFitFun partner & I cannot wait to receive more fabulous products for this next season! I have put my link below for you to access the site & get $10 off your first box (Codes are listed at the beginning of the post)! I also have a reaction video below that has my first reactions opening the box. So be sure to go & watch! If you have any more questions about FabFitFun feel free to contact me or comment below!


I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week & I look forward to talking to you all next time!

Sending Positive Vibes, 




Here is the Reaction Video! Apology in advance for my awkwardness… Enjoy! 


Winter Basics!

Hey there everyone!

This past week has been SO  crazy with classes and searching for internships but I am so excited to be sharing this newest post with you all! I wanted to take some time today & go back to basics! Basic clothing pieces are the foundation to the overall success of one’s closest. They are versatile, chic & comfortable! Basic pieces make it easy to play around with them and make an even bigger statement when highlighted correctly. For college students, such as myself, we are always on the run from class to class OR class to work. So, having basic pieces in our wardrobe can make it easy for you to get ready quicker while keeping that chic style that you love!

Today I wanted to share 3 of my favorite basic looks that you can rock this winter season! (I put together the basic pieces that I own and made full outfits out of them. These pieces can be mixed & matched in so many ways!)




This outfit is one of my personal favorites! It’s super simple and comfortable, which is super important when it comes to being on the go. The sweater and jeans look is a classic & you can pair it with almost anything! One of the colors that always seems to work well for me is the olive green color (which I absolutely love) because of my skin tone! This look can pair well with everything. You can add a scarf, a necklace, a jacket, the possibilities are endless!





This is another very simple & classic look for college girls everywhere! I am a huge fan of over-sized sweaters and jeans. They are the perfect combination for those chilly days or nights in. This is another perfect outfit that you can pair with almost anything. Since it is so flipping cold outside, I tend to pair these outfits you see with a scarf of jacket over it. Feel free to experiment and try some new things!




Speaking of oversized sweaters, check out this one! This is one of those looks that is a little less basic, but can still be worn in multiple ways. I love the basic black look paired with the long sweater! You can really pair any top underneath this sweater because it is so versatile. I tend to like the look of basic black with a burgundy sweater but, like I said it’s good to experiment!

I love basic pieces, because it gives you the freedom to pick and choose multiple items and pair them together in unique ways! I hope some of these looks give you some inspiration for your own wardrobe! What are some of your favorite pieces that you can’t live without?? I’d love to hear about them. I hope you all have a fabulous week with no stress & full of love!

Sending Positive Vibes, 

Hannah Rose












Gift Guide: Stylish Student!

Hey there everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week before Christmas! I for one am very excited to spend the holidays with not only my family, but also my boyfriend and his family this year! It’s going to be a lot of traveling back and forth between Kalamazoo and Detroit, but it is so worth it so I can spend time with the one’s I love.

Being a full time student it’s hard to find styles that work for school but can also show my unique style. With that being said, I am thrilled to share with you all my gift guide for the stylish student!

stylish student

Soft Tartan Shawl Blanket // Woman’s Superstar Sneakers // Kate Spade Cameron Card Holder // Kate Spade Purse // Sonix Rosaria iPhone Portable Charger // Miss Selfridge Black Fur Pom Beanie // Eyelash Wink Iphone Case // Pom Pom Keychain // Rebecca Taylor Zoe Sunglasses // Crosby Fragrance Collection // Art Deco Pouch Makeup Bag // Marble 2018 Planner // Ban.do Thermal Mug // Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera 

I am very excited about sharing this gift guide! I love fashion & since I’m a student I try to look for styles that are manageable for me on the go. Everything here is comfortable and stylish for the student that is always on the go & ready to learn. I hope this inspires some of your gifts this holiday season!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you all enjoyed this gift guide as much as I loved creating it for you. This next week, since it is the holidays, I will not be posting because I will be traveling back and forth for Christmas! Then I will be headed down to Florida for the rest of my break & of course there will be a blog post all about my adventures down south! So, you won’t want to miss out. That being said, I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas spent with loved ones & very Happy New Year!

Sending Holiday Vibes, 

Hannah Rose

Gift Guide: Cozy Homebody!

Hey there everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for a little bit, but finals was taking over any spare time I had to write. I am back though and super excited to get back into writing! Now that Christmas is right around the corner I am feeling very festive. So, I thought I would share some gift ideas for someone you may know who is a homebody!

giftguideForever21 Feelin Good Graphic PJ’s// UGGS Woman’s Cozy II Slippers// Sugar Plum Bath Bomb// Ahava Mineral Hand Cream// Lurex Plush Throw// Campfire Marshmallow Scented Soy Candle// Clay Art Camper Mug//  InnoGear Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser// Seek Adventure Pillow// Smeg 50S Retro Style Electric Kettle// Fuzzy Socks

I love spending cozy nights in my apartment, especially during this time of year. I love pajamas, fuzzy socks and everything else in this gift guide! Everything here is perfect for a cozy night inside while the snow outside is falling.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope this gift guide gives you some easy last minute options for that homebody friend this Christmas. I will have another gift guide coming out this week, so I am very excited to share that one with you too! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week & enjoy your time with your families this holiday!

Sending Holiday Vibes, 

Hannah Rose