Latest Obsessions + May Goals 2020

Hey everyone!

It is officially the start of a new week and we are still stuck inside, but hey we are thriving and making it work every day. Lately, online shopping and treating myself has been real. A lot of new packages have been coming in since my birthday and I received lots of Amazon gift cards which have been put to good use, so I have a lot of new obsessions this month that I am so pumped to share with you all. I can’t believe it has already been 8 weeks in quarantine. I am honestly so shocked that this is all still going on, but I hope that everyone is taking proper precautions and trying to stay as safe and healthy as you can. Nick and I have been very healthy so far which is relieving to both of us, so no need to worry there! There really haven’t been any crazy life updates happening because life is kind of put on pause at the moment. We have started a little wedding planning, which is super exciting! Nothing is booked yet obviously because we are having a long engagement, but we have been gathering ideas, creating a guest list and budgeting out as much as we can for the time being. I will be sure to keep you guys updated as much as I can with what’s new with life and the wedding, so be sure to keep a close lookout. Let’s dive into this new post!


Rayban Sunglasses 

I just received these super gorgeous hexagonal sunnies as part of a birthday gift from my parents and I am totally in love! They actually fit my face way better than my OG pair of Rayban sunglasses and are super modern and match my current style to a T.


I decided a few months ago that I would give the subscription box, Causebox a try just to try out a few new things and see if it is more my style. I have to say I am absolutely in love! Literally, all the products I received I have found a use for in my everyday life. The thing I really love about the products in the box is that they all have a ’cause’ around them, obviously. If you have been looking to try out a new subscription box that helps support small businesses/charities and provides you with chic new products to try, then you NEED to try Causebox!

Big Little Lies 

I know I am way late on watching this show, but ya girl doesn’t have HBO so I couldn’t watch it when it was popular. They put it on Hulu so I have been binging the first 2 seasons on my downtime which has been super addicting! The show is super captivating and all the actors and actresses in the show are amazing in their roles. If you need a new show to watch while stuck in quarantine, you definitely need to give this show a chance!

Two-Piece Jogger Sets 

Now that we are in quarantine, comfy has been the only way to describe my wardrobe choices during the day. While I’m working, I try to throw on a loose pair of jeans or a comfy jogger set! Honestly, I typically opt for the jogger set most days because I can be comfortable, but still feel productive during the day. Not only are these sets so cute to wear, they are the perfect go to for when you want to be cozy chic while working from home. Definitley check out Aerie and Target for some adorable tie-dye sets!

Noted By Nicole 

So one of my good friends has her own clothing customization brand titled Noted by Nicole and it is so amazing! I am not only so proud of my friend but the custom notes that she stitches on shirts are super sweet and the clothing pieces are so comfy and adorable. She made me an adorable cropped bleach tie-dyed sweatshirt that has the saying, “Grow Into Yourself,” stitched into the fabric. I definitely love it and if you need an adorable custom print to complete your closet, then you definitely should check out her IG page Noted By Nicole!

Now time for some goals: 

  • Start a new book while in quarantine
  • No more excuses when it comes to working out at home
  • Organize our living room
  • Have a romantic indoor date night
  • Learn a new skill for work

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I have a positive feeling that things are going to start getting better this month, so I’m really hoping I’m right about it. Summer is right around the corner folks and ya girl is not missing out on any beach time here on the east coast. Stay safe and healthy friends, I’ll talk to you next Tuesday!


Hannah Rose 


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